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    TREND or FORECAST function

    I'm trying to trend out some numbers. I have two sets of numbers: The first we can call a "local" projection and the second we can call a "national" projection. For the national projection I know all 3 numbers: Low, Medium, High For the local projection I know only 1 number: Low I would...
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    Creating Growth Trend from 2 Sets of Values

    Hi, I'm creating a growth trend with a group of data and I'm stuck trying to find a way to automate this with a formula without manually using trial and error to arrive at the values. The graph representing the growth trend charts number of man-hours for a department by week from January -...
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    Function for Trends/Streaks?

    If I wanted to count cells that occurred in a trend, what function could I use? For example, if I am keeping track of wins and losses, and my cells go W, L, W, W, W How can I count to show a 3 win streak that would go to 0 if an L were to occur?
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    Trend formula ignore Div/0 error

    i have a couple columns and want to use the Trend Function in excel but that data contains the error #Div/0. is there an easy way to get around this error. =TREND($A$1:$A$10,$B$1:$C$10,B1:C1,TRUE) in column B there is an error div/0 any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you

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