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    1 hour video on Excel tips & tricks
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    Match Formula to populate unique values in Range

    Can someone help me on below formula, used to populate unique values from a Range "NAME", present in DEPT "Science" MATCH(0,COUNTIF($B$<wbr>1:B1,NAME)+(DEPT<>"Science"),0) Complete Formula: {=INDEX(NAME,MATCH(0,COUNTIF($B$<wbr>1:B1,NAME)+(DEPT<>"Science"),0))} Note: This formula is used in...
  3. C

    Trick to validate the numbers

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to matched up my funding and payment = 0. I have more than 60K data and I need some tricks to clean up the data faster, please help. In the below table, I have row 1,2,7 sum up to 0, I have row 3 and 6 sump up to 0. etc... Please help <tbody> 1/1 1000 1/1 -500 1/2...
  4. D

    Formula to bring Last Values of the multiple columns

    Hi, I am looking for a suitable trick to get last values of the multiple columns, as shown in the table below. I am using a following formula (which is just half being a trial) which is working fine but it would be too lengthy. Just want to get an appropriate one. Thanks you...
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    Trick Question

    Dear I need to creat a formula in excel for my daughter for school that will show how many different denominations can be done to get to a fixed value of 300 only using values of 200, 100, 50, 20 & 10. Can any body help Regards Mark
  6. J

    Tips and tricks

    I thought maybe we could start a thread where everybody shares their favorite tips, tricks, and keyboard shortcuts for excel. My favorite is the F2 keyboard shortcut for bringing the cursor into a cell instead of clicking on it. What is yours?

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