1. A

    writing from userform to sheets - overwriting rows above

    I have set up a userform to act as a cancellation form formy users as part of a trip booking model. Each trip has its own sheet (sheetname is the trip name) upon which a user can enter people’s details to attend.If the person changes their mind, I have set up a Cancellation form for theusers to...
  2. A

    how to get combobox multiselect results to specific worksheets

    hi all. I have a userform in which people can select trips/events from a multi select listbox. The list box's row source is a named range containing the name of all trips. each trip has its own tab. The tab names are an abbreviated version of the trip name. I need to have the details of the user...
  3. M

    Screwing up a nested IF function

    Hi. I'm creating a spreadsheet for a music group that pays tutor expenses for travel. For a round trip up to 200 miles the standard payment is £25, for a round trip of between 200 and 400 miles its £50, and anything over a 400 mile round trip pays £100. What I want is to be able to enter the...
  4. T

    Excel Validation Help Please

    Hi - I have an excel sheet that has 3 fields:- C2 - Trip Limit C3 - Trip Start Date - dd/mm/yyyy C4 - Trip End Date - dd/mm/yyyy If a user enters a Trip Limit of 20 in C2 and if the End Date in C3 minus the Start Date in C4 is more than 20, I would like an error message to either warn the...
  5. A

    Vehicle rotation count

    Hi, I want to know in a day & month a vehicle doing how many trips. Basically rotation of the vehicle. Abbreviation codes: Driver Code GU- Gurdeep G- Gafar G1- It will show the that driver done the multi delivery in this trip. For Example- On 2 June Gafar driver done four trips (G1 to G4)...
  6. C

    Guidance On what are the recommend method or how to display Graph with 2D Table

    Hi all to paint the context i not here to seek for answers but for guidance: Below is the following question. <colgroup><col span="7"></colgroup><tbody> The Popular rental car companies in town are Goldee and Supreme. Goldee charges $195.99 per day plus $0.85 per kilometer, and...
  7. P

    Vehicle Time Table into Movement Graph - MS Excel

    Good Day, I work in Public Transport planning, we compile our time tables (origin + origin time and destination + destination time on a specific route / path) in Ms. Excel. Once the timetable is completed it looks something like this: You will notice that the...
  8. G

    Formula Help Needed - "If Cell Contains Text String, then run this calculation =MAX(((G14-30)*0.5),0)"

    I am working with an expense reimbursement report that takes into consideration several scenarios for mileage: 1. The first 30 miles driven of a total one-way trip are not reimbursed if the employee leaves from his/her residence. 2. If an employee leaves on a trip from the company storage...
  9. D

    Find Previous Match

    Attempting to calculate Mileage difference ("D") by finding the previous "Fuel" event amongst a variety of events listed ("A") in order to fill in the missing data in Column "B" for the purpose of calculating MPG ("F") A, B, C, D, E...
  10. R

    Sumifs Maybe?

    Hi, if i have hundreds of lines all out of order that are set up like the first table; is there a way to sum the data by trips? A trip being consecutive days. <tbody> Acct# Date Cost 3005 10/24/18 50 3005 10/25/18 100 3038 9/1/18 25 3038 9/2/18 50 3005 11/13/18 25 3005 11/14/18...
  11. M

    Assigning day number to travel data

    I am looking for assistance with a terribly formatted data set I was given with travel data. I need to assign number to the legs (days) of each trip, but am stumped on a formula/function that can help me. I've attached a sample set where I've manually entered the day numbers in the screenshot...
  12. M

    Looking for a solution to a relationship between 2 tables

    I may have just figured it out but I thought I would throw it out there and see if anyone has a different solution. I work a pizza delivery company and I get a printed out receipt for each delivery I make. On there is a delivery date, order number, order time, order out, address, etc. I created...
  13. shaftdx

    V Lookup Wrong info

    Hello I have a problem with the Vlookup feature, Kinda...I figured it out how to get the information in there but it is grabbing the wrong Info. I will start off by explaining the kind of information I have going on here. I work for a school bus company and we do alot of trips. I want to be...
  14. B

    "VLOOKUP if cell contains" help

    This may be a super-easy question but I'm a relative beginner trying to find a quicker way to code credit card statements. I want to use a formula to autofill a column based on keywords in the cell to the left. For example if the credit card purchase is UBER TRIP X3HG8, I want Excel to see...

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