1. B

    VBA Get Function

    Hi all I have a scenario where I need to truncate a number to 4 decimal places ( no rounding) . I have searched google and this site and found the Get() Function. This function works great IF the decimals to 4 places are greater 0 ( 515.1234678 gives me 515.1234) however if the number is to...
  2. D

    Formatting Truncate

    I have a cell with 5581004490451CS: 200. I don't want the whole text displayed (it was imported from a database). I would rather it display only "0451CS: 200" Any easy ideas?
  3. B

    Parimutuel Odds Calculation

    I have a program for a charitable gaming calculator but don't understand exactly what the formulas do. There are six entries per 'race'. The formula is: IF(TRUNC((total bets all 6 entries/2)/bets on this one entry)=1,2,TRUNC((total bets all six entries/2)/bets on this one entry)) I...
  4. G

    Truncating instead of rounding

    I've inherited an Access database. It pulls the amount of pounds sold of our products from our sql server and converts to tons by pounds/2000. However, it truncates after 2 decimals which leads to a huge amount of error. I tried changing the format to 4 decimals but it just takes the existing 2...
  5. M

    Format Special Text

    I'm running XL version 2010. I have a question about formatting for a special text character. If I have values such as 3.6.9 and 3.6.10 that correspond to product versions, is there a way to format the special text editor to have the numbers after the second decimal treat them as 9<10, while...
  6. P

    Truncate results of a formula

    =(F16+I16)/4 The formula above is a calculation that gives me the number of months to use in an additional calculation after adding to cells at contain a number representing "weeks." In this case: F16 =34 I16 = 4 38/4 = 9.5 In the result cell, I have elected to show 0 decimals, therefore...
  7. T

    loop truncating and renaming sheet vba excel

    Hi, i wrote this code to truncate a cell in a sheet, then rename it with the new value of this cell and delete the whole row afterwards. I need this to loop through all the sheets with the value of B1. here is what i have so fare but it doesn't seem to work. Dim workS As Worksheet For...
  8. V

    Custom formatting code - rounding problem

    Here the problem raises with rounding the two decimal values. But i need like using trunc in custom formatting. I need the values not to get rounded with decimal but display as it was. Problem 1 [>=1000000]$#0.00,, "M";[>=100000]$#0.00, "K";$#.00 this code converts millions and K with 2...
  9. R

    text math

    Hello everyone, my laziness is catching up with me and I'm wondering if anyone has ever faced the following issue - I'd like to "subtract" text from a cell and keep the remainder (using a formula), though that might be too good to be true? Given the following original...
  10. A

    TRUNC function Error

    He're's my data: 98.9000000000 (location Register!N1006) I'm using this formula: =TRUNC(Register!N1006, 2) This should truncate the number to 98.90, but I get 98.89. What gives? Screen grab - if this works I'm using Excel 2010 on Windows XP.
  11. V

    Remove last 19 characters from a field

    Hey Everyone, I am a total excel noob how can i remove the last 19 characters from a field for example: <table width="652" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><col width="652"><tr height="20"> <td style="height:15.0pt;width:489pt" width="652"...
  12. W

    Lookup of rounded number fails for certain numbers

    In this sample, test values that round to -0.102 or -0.104 lookup incorrectly, returning the next higher result in the table. Test values that round to the the other values in the lookup range return correct results (e.g. -0.100999, -0.105000). Truncating the rounded value causes all lookups to...
  13. E

    Truncate vaiable text strings???

    Is there a formula to remove everything after a certain character for variable text strings? for example: Turnthis... Single basin|,Double basin|,Triple basin| Double handle|,Single handle|,Touchless| Single hole|,Two holes|,Three holes|,Four holes|,Single hole with deck plate| into this...
  14. P

    Lost Text When Using Two Instances of Excel

    Hi. Copying and pasting cells from a worksheet in one instance of Excel to a worksheet in another instance of Excel results in the text being truncated. I have a laptop display extended to a VDU so I have two instances of Excel open so that I can view two Excel files at the same time...

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