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    macro truncating cell on all worksheet.

    hi, i wanted to write a macro that would truncate the cell B1 to 10 character from the right. Then rename the sheet with the right bit of the cell. And finally delete both cells. And repeat this process with all sheet in the workbook (they all contain a section number and section description in...
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    Header and footer being truncated in Excel 2010

    I have a VBA macro which extracts data and formats it for printing. To the print format I have added a left header containing a text string showing the description of the data, and a left footer which contains a reference number. I have also included in the right footer the current date and...
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    Truncating the leading information

    Hi all, I currently have a Excel Sheet, that looks similar to this, Name | Tel | Divison | Email | ShortName | Mail Server On the Tel field, the information populated from a Lotus notes DB appears as follows: <TABLE style="WIDTH: 141pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" cellSpacing=0...

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