1. A

    Hyperlink error during macro run

    Keep getting a error This Location may be unsafe. Hyperlinks can be harmful to your computer and data, click only those hyperlinks from trusted sources. How do I turn this off or add as a trusted source?
  2. George J

    Microsoft update allowing macros to run?

    This is an unusual observation, so my apologies if it has been covered elsewhere. Previously when I opened any workbook that contained macros, I got a popup message requiring me to enable or cancel. This is still the case if I open a file on my C drive, but not a file I open from a network...
  3. N

    Personal.XLSB Access Problems - Excel 2016/Office 365

    It's complicated, but in summary, my corporate IT department has restricted my access to the XLSTART folder for my Personal.XLSB file using very restrictive group policies. I have all my macros backed up - but I can no longer access them from within Excel 2016. I also don't have the ability to...
  4. T

    Stop the virus warnings?

    I have a spreadsheet that has links to Outlook email and task templates. Everytime I click them, I get the warning about "Some files can contain viruses. . ." I have added the folder the templates are in to the trusted list and have enabled all data connections and workbook links. The message is...
  5. L

    Excel 2000 and 2003 Trusted Locations.

    Is it possible to set up tusted locations in excel 2000 & Excel 2003. I have a few users that i need to give access to a particular spreadsheet without lowering the security settings. It's simple on ecel 2007 but i can't find the solution for 2000 & 20003 versions. any help much appreciated. Lee.

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