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    If Function Turnaround Time

    I am hoping someone can help me, I have been trying to create a formula that would let our department track turnaround times. When I try Networkdays I get 1 on a same day turnaround. I fixed that by adding -1 to the formula. Now, I am trying to create either a If or Countif function - I...
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    Time difference formula on 24hr clocks over midnight

    Hi Guys, Been stuck on this one for a while. Need to figure out some turnaround times for overtime (while filming we get overtime for however much we break an 11hr turnaround). So times are logged in 24 hr format, so I need to work out some time differences but having a huge amount of trouble...
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    Count if and turnaround time formula

    Hi all, New here, need some assistance. I've searched everything and everywhere, can't seem to find a solution, so perhaps you can help. So the premise is as follows, I need to calculate turnaround time, anything older than 2 days is outside the agreed turnaround time, anything less than 2...
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    turn around time calculation

    hi, i want to calculate the TAT between two times. the TAT target is <= 2 hours. i used the following formula a1 has 3/13/2009 (received date) b1 has 7:08 AM (received time) c1 has 3/13/2009 (completed date) d1 has 9:08 AM (completed time) e1 has TAT formula :- '=IF((D1-B1)*1440<=120,"Met...

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