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    SUMIFS or SUMPRODUCT with 2D data table and vector criteria

    Long-time lurker, first time poster. I've read FAQs, and searched, but suspect I'm using the wrong search terms. I've got a table with two dimensional data. Dates, monthly, along the top by column. Projects, including start date, along the left, by row. I'm trying to SUMIFS the data, such...
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    Vlookup Hlookup with blank values

    I am looking for a formula to return some values. I have a list of customer names in B2:B300 (ex: john, Mary zack) , Items ordered in the columns A2:A8 (ex: shirt, shoes, jacket) Shirt. Shoes. Jacket John. "blank" 3...
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    A better way to fill a 2D Array?

    Hi, all! This is my first post on your forum. While searching for misc VBA answers on google I've often been directed to this site, so I opted to register; I hope one of you can help me solve my current problem. Is there a better way to fill a 2D array than what I have coded below? It seems I...
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    Static Arrays

    Hi, I am trying to create some statistical functions as an Excel add-in. These functions need to reference values from statistical tables. I would much rather put these tables into the vba code as static arrays, but I am stumped as to how to accomplish this. The statistical tables would be...

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