udf code

  1. D

    Function will not calculate as desired reliably.

    This function's behavior has me stumped. I want it to run and recalculate whenever a cell in rng changes. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. It depends on how I enter a new value in rng (copy/paste, keyboard, another UDF, etc.). The result is that the function isn't updating to the most...
  2. B

    Sums by font color with auto recalc UDF

    I'm trying to set up a spreadsheet to help keep track of plugged numbers with subcontractors and my own estimating teams numbers. we are keeping track of the numbers by colored font. light blue, red and black. light blue is from our numbers, red is values that the sub is missing and black is...
  3. T

    Need UDF to remove non numeric characters

    I found this How to remove all non alphanumeric characters from a string except period and space in excel? which is a UDF to remove the opposite; nonalphanumeric characters. I don't have a list of what classifies as a non-numeric. I'd want to intergrate it in a macro like shown in the top...
  4. S

    Clean up UDF -- really ugly ....

    I have a UDF that I wrote .... nothing fancy, but I could sure use some help cleaning up. It is very basic and I am not 100% sure where or how I should clean it up so that it is easier on the eyes, easier to follow (doesn't make one cringe just looking at it), better coding...
  5. S

    Reusing UDF inputs

    Evenin everyone, I've the below bit of code for a UDF which seams to have a problem. "arrco" seems to calculate correctly but "depco" does not. When i switch these two it is always the first that works and the second that does not. Function CourseAlt(Lat1, Lon1, Lat2, Lon2, Lat3, Lon3...
  6. L

    Creating a UDF that only looks to a specific workbook, not just the active workbook

    Good Morning Everyone, I have a bit of a problem. I created a glorified lookup UDF in order to be able to properly look up values from one tab to another within a workbook. The problem I am having is that there are multiple worbooks(like templates) that have the exact same setup. So if the...
  7. R

    How to use Concatenate result in Vlookup

    I'm running Excel 2007 I have three related questions here. I have a concatenate: CONCATENATE(ADDRESS(MATCH(TODAY()-1,A:A,0)+1,3),":",ADDRESS(MATCH(TODAY(),A:A,0),6)) that yields a result like: $C$927:$F$1742 but...
  8. N

    UDF to run application.CalculateFullRebuild

    I am trying to use a UDF (loaded from an add-in) to force the active workbook to execute a application.CalculateFullRebuild. I am aware that the user can simply do a CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+F9. And I am also aware that I can run a sub with one line with application.CalculateFullRebuild or like so: Sub...
  9. V

    Excel VBA If...Then Function not working

    Hello, I'm new to VBA and the board so I'm sorry if I'm unable to explain myself very well or if I've posted this in the wrong place. I have been trying to create a function with the "if then statement" to calulate the cost of a produce all with differing angles, finish, pipe size and product...
  10. H

    UDF vs Sub For loop

    I have a question regarding a Loop in a UDF. In a Sub, I would normally use a For loop so it appeared, For i=0 to 10 IF something THEN something ELSE Something Next i In a UDF that has a range as an input though, I want to loop through the input range. I've seen example that look like...
  11. C

    Advanced filter and UDF as input?

    Hi I have a table and I want to use the Advanced Filter to copy to another sheet This table contains for example<TABLE> <TR> <TD>Column A</TD> <TD>Column B</TD> <TD>Column C</TD> <TD>Column D</TD> </TR> <TR> <TD>Status</TD> <TD>User</TD> <TD>Division</TD> <TD>Call Number</TD>...
  12. A

    Stringconcat (Chip Pearson) UDF loops 10 times during Sub execution making everything slow

    Hi, I have a workbook where one sheet uses information on 2 hidden sheets 1. for drop down dynamic range references; and 2. for lookup references I am working on a template workbook where the main sheet has headings in Row 1 (A to AE and in hidden helper columns BA to BE). Rows 2 to 5 are...

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