1. C

    Macro To Uncheck Checkboxes

    Is there a way to have a macro uncheck all checked checkboxes, except for some? <tbody> A B C 1 X X X 2 X 3 X X 4 </tbody> So if every X represents a checkbox, and most of them are checked, I want a macro that clears all the checks, except the checkboxes in row A...
  2. C

    Checkbox click and uncheck other checked boxes

    I have searched my issue with no success so far. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I have a file with many checkboxes. For example: checkbox1, checkbox2, etc. I would like to check any checkbox and uncheck others at the same time. If checkbox1 is already checked and I click...
  3. D

    Checkbox Mania

    I currently have 9 ActiveX checkboxes (checkbox1 thru 9) that when clicked preform a copy/paste values command (to remove formulas and keep data) and when unclicked copies the formulas back if needed. See below. These work perfectly as is. I'm trying to create an additional checkbox that will...
  4. C

    Excel Graph Data always resets on reopening

    Hello, I have an odd situation, that I hope can be fixed vs. just an excel glitch. I have a table with data. From this data, I have several column charts created, representing the WoW data. When I go into Select Data Source, on the left (Legend Entries) I have the 4 locations, on the right...
  5. P

    Form control, Check box : How to automatically uncheck all other boxes when one is checked ?

    Hi everyone ! When I click on any check box, I want all other check boxes to uncheck. How can I do that?? (BTW I have noticed that if I manually change the corresponding box cell link to FALSE then the box becomes unchecked). Thanks!
  6. D

    Need an elegant method of clearing form checkboxes

    I have a form with ~100 checkboxes from the Forms toolbox. This is in it's default state. Users can click a button to add more as necessary. Users will need to reset the form to it's default state periodically as well, and that's the rub. All of those checkboses need to be reset to blank. I...
  7. N

    Unchecking pivot rowfileld's items dropdown filter ?

    Hi, I have a pivot table that extract data from OLAP Cube. In the RowFields ,there is a dropdown list contains DATE values. I am trying to hide dates that are not in current year. But when i am using to find the list of values that are in DropDown choice , the following code acually returning...
  8. T

    Uncheck checkbox2 when checkbox1 is checked

    Hi, I've been trying to find a way to uncheck a checkbox when another one is checked. My VB coding isn´t very strong so I would really appreciate some help. I´m thinking that a if statement would do the job, my checkboxes are checkbox1 and checkbox2 and are located in sheet1. hope someone can...
  9. StuLux

    Use VBA to Uncheck all Check Boxes

    Despite extensive searching of this board I cannot find code to do the following: I have a worksheet with several check boxes on it (check boxes inserted using the Forms toolbar). I want to be able to uncheck all boxes on the sheet using VBA as a way of resetting the sheet, can anybody help.

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