1. R

    Data Query from WEB ( Unexpected Error)

    Excel - Unexpected Error, Something went wrong. If the problem continues, please restart Excel. I am trying to create a web query, but it continues to fail. I can see the data from the table, but when try to load or edit, I get the Unexpected error. shared...
  2. G

    An error has occurred. OK

    Can't find anything here or on the net. I have a .xlsm workbook which works just fine. It has started to display the above message when I try to copy an existing worksheet. It is not "An unexpected error...", nor does it say "Please try again". I just click OK and the message goes away. Has...
  3. P

    Unexpected changes to Listbox height

    I'm using VBA code in Excel 2003 and I set the height of a listbox at runtime. Unfortunately, the end result is different than what I programmed it to be. A bit of debugging (stepping through line by line and watching the Locals window) reveals that the code in fact does initially set the height...
  4. I

    Copy/Paste, Special, Values (almost) freezes Excel 2010

    Hi all, This had me scratching my head: at work, we're using a large-ish .xlsx file, with about 20K rows, with a lot of look-ups and so on. A messy job, but it's being kept in use due to, well, user reluctance to switch to an Access solution. You know the drill. There is a manual operation...
  5. L

    Regressions crash excel?

    Hi again, I'm trying to run some simple regressions with excel and everytime I try and run it excel "unexpectedly encounters an error and has to close". Anyone else have this problem and/or know how to fix it? Thanks.

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