1. A

    Find if Cells are grouped

    I am trying to write a macro that can go down a column and find if multiple rows in the column are grouped. If they are, then I would like for it to ungroup them then place the value in all of the rows that were grouped. In other words if A1 and A2 were grouped, ungroup them and then put the...
  2. A

    Ungroup and Group a password protected Workbook

    I have a worksheet that is password protect, but I would like to have the user be able to group and ungroup section, but as I am sure you are aware, I am not allowed to group or ungroup unless it is unprotected. What are your recommendations. Thank You for your help
  3. H

    Group / Ungroup protected excel sheet using google sheets

    Is there a way to allow group / ungroup in a protected excel sheet that is on google sheets? Thank you
  4. J

    Group/Ungroup vs Pivot Table

    Hi all, I was just looking up on Group and Ungroup functions of the Outline tools in Excel, and I wondered if the Pivot Table is able to do what both of them do. So my question is: What is the main difference of the two? What can one do and the other cannot? In what circumstance would you use...
  5. A

    Ungroup Columns in a Protected Sheet

    Hi Guys, Can somebody help me, how can I ungroup Columns in below sheet after protecting it by a password. Please give a simplest solution other than VBA coding. Below is link of file. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jmkpdo_ZFIJEESViouyaAR_FEQt_Osbd
  6. L

    ungrouping sheets

    Hi I am reading this article https://www.wikihow.com/Ungroup-in-Excel about ungrouping sheets and it says "or press <kbd class="keyboard-key nowrap" style="border-width: 3px; border-style: outset; border-color: rgb(219, 219, 219) rgb(243, 243, 243) rgb(243, 243, 243) rgb(219, 219, 219); padding...
  7. Engineer Joe

    VBA to do stuff with shapes many of which belong to groups.

    Ok, so here's the briefing: I wrote some vba that is supposed to adjust the height and width of some textboxes saved in a template worksheet that will later be applied as needed with a userform tool. Here's the code I wrote: For Each shp In ThisWorkbook.Sheets("FORMS TEMPLATE").Shapes If...
  8. P

    msoPicture ungroup +10,000 shapes gives error

    Hi there, From another application I import a group with a large number of rectangled shapes to Excel (a rasterized map). With VBA I loop a macro to ungroup to individual shapes (every 200 rectangles are grouped in a subgroup and ungouping gives a lot of Autoshapes which are deleted by the...
  9. J

    Copy and Paste Special

    I have a code to open a file on a shared drive. I am able to copy and paste the contents of a worksheet, however I would like to paste special with formatting and values. Additionally, the copied material is grouped and I would like to paste it ungrouped. Here is the code I have thus far: Sub...
  10. C

    VBA Code refresh- unhide - unfilter - ungroup

    Hi All I am desperately looking for a Macro that would allow me with the click of a button to go through all the sheets of my workbook and do the following to every sheet: - ungroup columns and row - unfilter - refresh - re filter - re group from the first sheet after the sheet that contains...
  11. P


    Can you make multiple outlines? I can make an outline by grouping and ungrouping, and when i do this i have a (1) and (2) selections to hide and unhide columns the outlined columns. BUT if i want to make another outline, it seems that when i ungroup columns in the middle of the outline it...
  12. A

    Grouping and Ungrouping Macro for multiple sheets

    Hello, I am trying to run this macro to group and ungroup columns on multiple sheets. It seems to only be working on one sheet at a time. For example it works on tab net sales but then I have to run it again for trade tab. I would i make this macro work for both net sales and trade tab with...
  13. L

    Group/Ungroup section (all the way to the left of screen) is not displaying

    Hello, We are using Excel 2010 and have a workbook with multiple worksheets/tabs. We have grouped rows on several tabs which work properly and which display the grouping [+] plus and [-] minus signs...
  14. F

    Need Macro to remove all grouping

    I need a macro that will do away with all grouping on a worksheet. I was using the following code to remove all row groupings from my worksheet: Cells.Select Selection.Rows.Ungroup Selection.Rows.Ungroup This was working fine when I had spreadsheets with only two groups of rows. But I now...
  15. Y

    Macro disappearing in Excel template sheet

    Hello, I have made a sheet which will be used for the information transfer about items/products from R&D to me. I will then enter all the new items and/or changes in the ERP system. To make it as easy as possible for R&D to let them fill in the needed information I have added formulas and data...
  16. B

    Grouping Columns

    I previously had a sheet running with 4 sets of columns grouped, and I have also with the help of people on this website added code so that should I be following any of the internal hyperlinks which are minimized in a closed group, they become visible. Recently the sheet crashed and since it...
  17. B

    Opening grouped cells automatically

    Hi guys, I need some help. I have a couple of groups of columns grouped, i.e. separate groupings of 5 columns. Certain cells within various groups have hyperlinks that are linked to certain cells that are within other groups. If a group is closed (minimized with the '+' sign displayed) and I...
  18. F

    Group/Ungroup Macro

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to write a macro that groups certain cells, 5:6 and 9:25. I then plan on putting a button to the right that says "show". WHen you click the button (run the macro), it will ungroup the column, if you click it again, it will group them. Is this possible? Thanks, Evan
  19. C

    Expanding grouped rows when protected

    Is there any way to still allow users to expand rows when an Excel sheet is protected? There are options to allow user to format rows, sort, use autofilter, etc, but nothing for expanding rows.

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