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    Excel VBA, Hide/Unhide worksheets, Password protected file...

    Hi there, I have an Excel file with a macro to unhide certain worksheets when the user clicks a button. I also have a "control table" worksheet hidden in the file that I do NOT want users to access. My dilemma is -- if I password-protect the structure of the workbook to prevent users from...
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    VBA - MrExcel Podcast

    Hi I came across the following podcast on YouTube for Mr Excel which had the following code: Private Sub Worksheet_FollowHyperlink(ByVal Target As Hyperlink) LinkTo = Target.SubAddress WhereBang = InStr(1, LinkTo, "!") If WhereBang > 0 Then MySheet = Left(LinkTo, WhereBang - 1)...
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    Macro to Unhide sheets based on input box text

    Morning, I am a novice to VBA, anything I have ever written is self-taught so be warned! I have searched and tried numerous ways of writing VBA code to achieve this but to no avail. I have an inherited 28 spreadsheets each with hundreds of sheet tabs some hidden and some not. Every month...
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    Launch a macro from a drop down selection (not a keyed in entry)

    Hi Folks: I would like to fire a macro (to unhide specific worksheets) when a selction is made from a data validated drop dow cell. For example, let's assume I have a named range of comprising the names of several fruits" Apples, Bananas, Cantelope etc. One the user selects Apples from the...
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    Unhiding worksheets

    Hi everyone, This is the first time I've tried any VBA, but this is what I've been trying I've been asked to create a workbook with a list on it (I've used validation to create a drop down list); which contains the names of the other worksheets in the workbook. THese other sheets are...
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    Unable to unhide a hidden sheet

    I have a workbook that I have unprotected (all - workbook & worksheets). However, I have a sheet that I know is there (because I created it) but I cannot unhide. I know it is there because in the Name Manager, it points to it. Any idea how I can unhide it?
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    Unhide worksheets with message box entry

    I have some code, the purpose of which is to unhide a group of worksheets based on the data entry of one or two cells (H11 and H12). I am trying to enforce this by way of a message box entry. The problem I am encountering is that the only place I can find that it works (more or less) is in the...

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