1. S

    Enabling "Beta: User unicode UTF-8" corrupts file and removes saved vba

    I was trying to rename a file with VBA, but when I put the "/" character in the name, things don't work. Then I read that I should enable "Beta: User unicode UTF-8" so that it could support the character. However, when enabling and restarting the computer, Excel says it has corrupted the file...
  2. G

    Converting integer to unicode characters

    UNICODE function is to convert unicode character into number. Is there a way to do the opposite? Using VBA if needed. I want to encode integers into unicode characters, then decode it using UNICODE function. TIA.
  3. DRSteele

    Remove Unwanted Characters from a Textstring

    Getting rid of unwanted characters in a cell's textstring can be achieved easily by creating a Table of acceptable UNICODEs and their corresponding UNICHARs. The Table (here named T_codes) can be expanded or contracted as needed. Here, we have just the usual set of English letters (26 Upper Case...
  4. DRSteele

    Utilising the function UNICHAR

    Sometimes we wish to find characters to place into our spreadsheets but are unsure where to look and how to find them. Function UNICHAR allows us to enter a number and it will report the character. Mike Girvin from ExcelIsFun recently created a youtube video that shows ways of listing them - as...
  5. D

    how to use split function with unicode delimiter

    Hi, I have an excel sheet with comma separated Arabic values. The Arabic comma is Unicode U+060C , how would I specify a unicode delimiter in the VBA Split function? Thanks David
  6. E

    Q about Unicode and the ChrW function in VBA

    Hi :) , I understand from the documentation that the ChrW function supports a value up to 65535. So this code works fine: Range("C2") = ChrW(9000) And this one gives an error: Range("C2") = ChrW(128247) So, how do I insert a Unicode number higher than the limit of the ChrW function - if...
  7. A

    Excel UNICODE equivalent in Power Query

    Hi all, What is the equivalent of excel UNICODE function in Power Query?
  8. J

    how to view chinese/japanese characters in excel?

    I am using excel for mac 2011 and have already changed the settings in the mac excel 2011 language register settings to allow Chinese Simplified and Japanese languages but when i open an excel/csv file with chinese/Japanese characters it shows weird characters. It looks like this...
  9. J

    Use VBA to download/save html file containing unicode characters

    I am trying to download and save hundreds of webpages as html files using the code below. The code works great for pages that contain no unicode special characters, but not for what I need. An example url that I'm trying to programmatically download from within Excel is...
  10. C

    Superscript left and right parenthesis -- help is appreciated. Thanks!

    I know the superscript is =char(185), but I'd like there to be "(" and ")" in the superscript as well...I pulled the below codes from online: <thead> Encodings </thead><tbody> HTML Entity (decimal) ⁽ HTML Entity (hex) ⁽ How to type in Microsoft Windows Alt +207D UTF-8 (hex) 0xE2 0x81...
  11. A

    International Character (Accentuated) In A Macros

    Guys, I'm having a bit of an issue. In one of my Macros some of the text is international. Namely, there's one Croatian letter within a formula: "U realizaciji (isplaćeno)" And it always translated into: U realizaciji (isplaceno) So from a character with accent, to a normal/ordinary c letter...
  12. N

    CSV files opening fine, but are saved as UNICODE files with delimiters changed to tabs.

    Hullo community, This is my first post - and I hope that someone can help. I have a folder full of auto-generated (from a process tool) *.csv files - these have comma delimiters when viewed notepad, are recognised as Microsoft Excel Comma Separated Values File in windows and open in Excel...
  13. G

    Coloring Hebrew Vowels and Accents in VBA

    Hello All, I want to achieve the following in excel using VBA, is it possible? Coloring Hebrew Vowels and Accents in HTML/CSS | John Dyer's Code Thanks all, G
  14. P

    Getting subscripts and superscripts into chart legends and axis labels

    Yes it is a pain. I know Peltier had a post on it, but I could not find it, so here is what I did: 1. Write a very simple VBA function as shown below Function CharRet(RowVal As Integer, ColVal As Integer) As String WCode = CLng(RowVal + ColVal) CharRet = ChrW(WCode) End Function The...
  15. F

    Changing Currency Symbol based on cell value - unicode symbols

    Depending on the 3 digit currency code entered in cell K9 I need to be able to format a range of cells (F18:L25) to reflect the currency used. For currencies such as USD or EUR, where there is a key on the keyboard to use I have no problems. Nor is it a problem for currencies that use western...
  16. J

    Encoding problem - change encoding?

    Hi, I'm using Excel 2007. I received a file from a client, it contains texts in the Vietnamese language. However when I open up the file it becomes gibberish (albeit still readable alphabetically). Something like this: chuyeân thieát keá gia coâng cheá taïo khuoân maãu vaø chi tieát maùy...
  17. O

    Entering unicode 'accents' via sendkeys

    I'm trying to use Excel for a Chinese vocabulary list. The Chinese characters aren't the problem at the moment: what I'm trying to solve is the pinyin, i.e. the pronunciation shown in Western alphabetic letters, with accents (diacritics) to show the four tones. For example, the word for...
  18. M

    How to create unicode HTM files using VBA?

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum so I would like to thank you for considering my threat. <o:p></o:p> I have a problem with creating a VBA code for a macro fitting my requirements. I would like the macro to create an .htm file based on cell values in an opened Excell spreadsheet. For...

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