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    Client List with most recent contact

    Hi, I am having trouble with INDEX and MATCH, I have an appointments "all appointments" report from a CRM that I am trying to determine last contact date. I have already created the new table and created a unique member ID list but I'm stuck on the formula for identifying most recent attended...
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    Count Unique Customers Who Order Using Formula

    Hi All, I'm trying to work out how many unique customers bought a particular product. Example Below <tbody> Product Orders Unique Buyers of Order Bouncy Castle 56 ? (Formula Required) Trampoline 32 ? <tbody> (Formula Required </tbody> Inflatable Pool 77 ? <tbody> (Formula Required)...
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    Pivot Table Calculations

    Hi Guys, I have about 600 rego numbers for which I need to figure out below. 1) Difference between minimum & maximum odo reading for unique rego numbers 2) Days between minimum & maximum odo reading for unique rego numbers Below is an example of my data with 4 rego numbers I thought Pivot...
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    HELP - Unique Clients / Sessions report in Excel

    Hi All, I have a excel sheet of Raw Data, which shows the different sessions that have been delivered to various clients. Each row contains the following information (There are additional fields too):- Unique Client Reference Number; Client Name; Service Type (Clients can access up to 3...

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