unix timestamp

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    Convert date and time to unix timestamps

    Hi, I maybe overlooking clues I can see on the internet but I am still having trouble converting date and time (day-month-year-mins, sample below) into unix timestamps. Would be most grateful for help please. Alfie101 <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> 20/4/2017 30 20/4/2017 32 20/4/2017 39...
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    timestamp sorting

    hi, I am new to this group. I need to sort out my timestamp which is in human-readable format. The issue which needs to be sorted is following 1. firstly, I need to make this time format in DD:MM:YYYY hh:mm:ss 2.as you can see it has similar timestamp few of them, based on the total number of...
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    Convert Excel Date/Time *TO* Unix timestamp

    Hi all, I've searched a lot on Google and on here and have found a ton of ways to convert a Unix timestamp *TO* an Excel Date/Time value but I need to do it the other way. I've got 2 columns of values (about 9700 in total) - they're all in Excel Date/Time format and the cells have been...

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