1. D

    Hyperlinks in unprotected cells in Protected Worksheets using VBA

    Hi I am having problems inserting Hyperlinks in unlocked cells on protected worksheets. With the help of this forum I have been successfully using the code below to auto filter However, I have noticed after this code is run, I am unable to insert a hyperlink in the unlocked cells. I have...
  2. I

    VBA: Un-protect, Run, Protect (3 Specific protections)

    Hi there, I have a couple of macro's that need to unlocked specified sheet protections, run the code, then reinstate the protections as they were before. At the moment I can only reinstate it for the whole sheet which impacts my slicers and future use of the sheet. They are: Select...
  3. T

    A macro to select every sheet on page the is not locked?

    Hi Everyone, I just want to go back and fix all my sheets as the number of rogue unlocked cells is becoming large, (mostly my rushing things over the year with a copy here paste there) Anyway, I'd just like a macro that Selects all the unlocked cells on a sheet, so I can save time checking each...
  4. N

    highlight each active line, right when a mouse click on a active cell, with VBA

    Hello everyone,, I found a code from the Internet and built it into my sheet, but there are a few small issues :confused: I want to highlight in my sheet each active line, right when i click on a cell he should highlight the line. At the same time, the existing conditional formatting...
  5. L

    Allow Hyperlinks

    Hello, Is there a way to keep a range of hyperlinks working on a protected sheet? I only want to select unlocked cells for protection please. This sheet is for filling out data so I want to keep the cursor in the unlocked region. Thank you, XJ
  6. M

    Unable to set the Hidden property of the Range Class

    Dear Demigods, I am using the following VBA: Private Sub Worksheet_BeforeDoubleClick(ByVal Target As Range, Cancel As Boolean) If Target.Address(0, 0) = "B14" Then Cancel = True Rows("15:38").Hidden = Not Rows("15:38").Hidden End If End Sub The codes works well until i come to...
  7. S

    VBA to Unlock and/or Lock Cells (Determined by Cell Fill Color)?

    Hi, after searching the web and testing VBA codes, I've become stuck... I have a Cell Range - E8:J27: where all cells have a fill color of RED, and can change to either WHITE or BLACK which is determined by conditional formatting. For the desired outcome I am not sure if the cell range...
  8. S

    Excel/VBA app hangs up temporarily when tabbing past last unlocked cell

    Hello - I have an Excel/VBA app that consistently hangs up for 30-60 seconds when I tab past the last unlocked cell on the sheet. Here are some of the details: - the behaviour is consistent; when the sheet is locked there are a few unlocked cells for data entry that I can tab through. when I...
  9. E

    VBA to delete contents of unlocked cells

    Hello All: Can someone provide VBA code that will delete the contents of all unlocked cells across all tabs? Thank You...
  10. W

    Selecting cells in worksheet with a printable background - how to

    On page 732 of MrExcel's book "Learn Excel 2007-2010" it explains how to add a printable image to a sheet. At the bottom of the page is a "Gotcha: It is now difficult to select a cell with the mouse" ... and it is. The book goes on to say "To avoid this, you click outside the picture and then...
  11. A

    Locked cells are unlocked when I reopen worksheet

    Hello Excel Experts, I have a worksheet that is protected by password using VB. The cells in sheets some cells are locked and some are unlocked. This seem to work fine until I close the worksheet. When I reopen the sheet the cells are unlocked automatically but sheet is protected. Thanks in advance.
  12. N

    Lock cells within a locked sheet

    Hi, I have a worksheet that I purposely protect and allow users to edit numerous unlocked cells within the protected sheet. However, I would like the user to be able to lock his/her own cells also. Within the protected worksheet they have access to unlocked cells. Is there a way without them...
  13. N

    Unlocked cells in pre Excel2013 versions become Locked in Excel 2013 problem

    I have a workbook which i use for technical analysis. It works perfectly in Excel 2003, 2007 and 2010. However when i use it in 2013 if I try and type in an unprotected cell Excel treats it as protected, even though Properties clearly show Unprotected. This happens only after I have used...
  14. P

    Disable cutcopy for unlocked cell

    Hi, I have an unlocked cell that I want users to manually input parameters BUT not to be able to cutcopy from anywhere (and most certainly NOT from other non excel formats that they may have kept a record of said parameter) Any ideas? I gather private function should do this but Ive been lead...
  15. B

    how to lock excel from dragging?

    how to lock excel from dragging in unlocked cell in locked excel sheet? <tbody> A B </tbody> In Column A is unlocked and in B locked Cell, if dragged unlocked cells then formula in Column B changes (as formula depends on cell value in column A) to no of cells that...
  16. W

    Cells not correctly calculating on certain computers

    Hi All, I have a bit of a head scratcher. I distributed an Excel file for use in the field, with the worksheets locked to protect the formulas. This file is being used by probably dozens of people without problem - except for two persons. One has the German OS on his computer, the other the...
  17. B

    Protect Sheet - excluding selected cells

    Hi Peoples, I have a single sheet .xlsm which I wish to distribute... where users can ONLY modify a few specific cells... but they cannot access the formulae or macros which operate on the cells. I have followed all "instructions" as found via Microsoft Office etc. but always end up with either...
  18. O

    Unlocked Combo Box displays protection error when clicked

    I have a Combo Box (Form Control, not ActiveX) which is Unlocked. When I protect the worksheet it returns this error when I click the box: "The cell or chart you are trying to change is protected and therefore read-only. To modify a protected cell or chart, first remove protection using the...
  19. M

    Code to ensure all cells are completed before running MACRO

    Hi There Does anyone know a code I can use which will ensure ALL unlocked cells are completed before running a MACRO??? Cheers Mark

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