unprotect sheet

  1. H

    Please help to unlock

    Here is the situation. I have a workbook that has two sheets, both need to be protected. On worksheet 1 (name is: Calibration Check Tool) I have a calculate button that I press, which will show pass or fail on worksheet 1. The macro also opens worksheet 2 (name is: Calibration History)...
  2. R

    The password you supplied is not correct. Verify that the CAPS LOCK key is off and be sure to use the correct capitalization

    I can protect and unprotect sheet using VBA but I can't unprotect using the normal way of excel and I am providing the same password. any help please? below are the codes Sheets("sheet1").Select ActiveSheet.Unprotect Password = "protect20" Sheets("sheet1").Select ActiveSheet.protect...
  3. D

    Unprotecting a worksheet by user ID

    Hi. I'm new to the forum so treat me gently! Can't find anything that quite answers this so... I have a workbook with half a dozen worksheets. One of the worksheets contains master data that the others call on. Only a small group of people need to be able to change the master data but everyone...
  4. Beginner35

    Simple way to get around protect/unprotect sheet

    Hello, i have been so frustrated with this below: I have about 100 files and they all have this tab call "Oracle". Some of the file the "Oracle" tab is protected, some are not protected, some are protected with a password call 'ch'. My co-worker and I have been working on this issue but...
  5. M

    Run code when sheet becomes unprotected

    Hello! I'm relatively new to Excel VBA but I am enjoying it immensely. I have a situation where I’d like to perform an action when a sheet becomes unprotected. For example, I have some hidden columns containing calculations that the user doesn’t need to see. However, when I unprotect the sheet...
  6. H

    unprotect sheet on all files at the same time

    If I have 100 files and each one is sheet protected how do I Run unprotect sheet on all excel files (all workbook sheets) for multiple excel files in the same folder. I want to do this without having to open each excel file and unprotect the worksheets one by one... thanks I hope this is...
  7. S

    VBA to unprotect and reprotect worksheets

    Still getting my head around VBA, and now having problems with unprotect and protect. Below is the code I have ad it worked until we password protected the worksheets to stop the users deleting the formulas. have looked at loads of posts but can't seem to fit the solutions into my code below...
  8. S

    Unprotecting A Excell sheet

    Hi all, I have protected some of the columns and a sheet of a EXCEL with a password. Now, the unprotect option in the TOOLs menu is not enabled itself. Also in the Format menu--> Cells menu also not enabled. How would I unprotect my sheet now? Thanks, Senthil
  9. R

    Stopped flicker, added protection and it started again HELP

    Hi, I have this macro which hides rows based on the results in other cells. All works fine, had to add Application.ScreenUpdating = False/ and True to stop the page flickering each time a validation box was selected BUT then i went to complete the project by protecting the sheets and two...
  10. pedie

    Need help, vba giving error/not working even though it is coded to unprotect the sheet.

    I am using this code be Sheet3.Unprotect password:="Secret" ' my code Sheet3.protect password:="Secret" before every code. I have like 25 vba linked in different wierd ways.. Everytime I run the code it says sheet is protected, "Runtime error 1004, the cell or chart you are trying to change...
  11. S

    Unlock entire row - condition

    Hi...want to know.. If any cell in Column "A" has any text, then unlock that entire row for editing. For example, if cell "A3" has text, so All I want that the entire row 3 to be unlocked for editing.

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