1. L

    Tabbing Between Unprotected Cells Is Interrupted in a Protected Sheet

    I've used Excel for years, but have never run into this situation. I have an Excel spreadsheet I've created for my fellow workers to use to select items and then the sheet will do the calculations. All of my formula cells are protected, and the "fill in the blanks" cells are unprotected. I've...
  2. M

    Unprotected sheet warning

    Hi everyone, I have a sheet which has to be partially protected (with some cells always editable) and, sometimes, I unprotect it to change a formula. It is very important for me not to forget that I must protect the sheet again. I would like to have some kind of Pop-Up that warn me when I...
  3. H

    Filtering in locked sheets

    Hi We produce compliance templates for the rest of the business to use. The template itself is locked, with the exception of cells we are happy for team members to type in to. Each team member has a row that includes -some free text cells (unprotected) - some formula cells (projected) A...
  4. R

    Unprotected workbook won't let me rename tabs

    Hi everyone! I have a workbook that I have placed a password protection on. When I unprotect the workbook, I can edit all of the contents but it will not let me rename the tab or add a new sheet. How can I fix this?
  5. P

    VBA for unlocking numerous form control checkboxes

    When I lock my worksheet, the form control checkboxes can't be checked or unchecked, even when the cells they are in are unprotected. However I can when the actual checkbox is unprotected. Just takes too many steps (rt click the checkbox, open form controls, uncheck the "locked" in the...
  6. K

    Forget password

    I forgot password to unprotected shared work book
  7. Jeffrey Mahoney

    Prevent Unprotected Cell Status Change When Moving Cells

    I don't think there is an answer to this. I have an unprotected range on a protected sheet. When an end user moves the contents of cell C5 to Cell C4, C5 becomes protected. How do I prevent C5 from becoming protected?
  8. H

    Tab Color Greyed Out

    When right clicking any sheet, the Tab Color as well as Hide , Unhide etc is greyed out. Not sure why as sheets and workbook are unprotected It would be appreciated if someone can advise on how to resolve this
  9. M

    Auto Column Width Macro/Protected vs. Unprotected Worksheet

    Hello: I have a spread sheet that I have made a macro for. That macro is a follows: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) Columns().AutoFit End Sub The two boxes above the macro are: (Left Box) Worksheet (Right Box) Change The macro works just fine, BUT I do have a problem...
  10. A

    Forget Protected Password

    Hi Guys, I need a favor from you guys, I forgot my protected sheet password and now i want to make some changes can you please guys help me out to remove the protected sheet password or for any instance i can change some of the columns? Kindly help me out i am stuck. Thanks in Advance
  11. D

    How to catch copy / paste event

    First of all I want to thank you guys for this forum. Helped me to many times! But now I'm pretty stuck on one problem. My workbook use protection. Special cells are locked if not empty. I use WorkSheet_Change(), when some cell is changed, every locked cell will be protected and need to...
  12. M

    Unprotect cell is STILL protected.

    I have the strangest problem. :confused: I have an excel form. A lot of different validations, VBA code and stuff. hverything works, however, i am stock on the easiest thing, that appears to be a bug in Excel. I am trying to protect a sheet. I specified which cells to be unprotected. However...
  13. C

    unprotect object on protected sheet

    hi... go througth my question :) i make an object,function with macro on mysheet..and that sheet i have to protected but when i click on that object..it not funtion bcoz the sheet have be protected.. for an object properties i already unlocked...but still can't ...it is posibble or not we...

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