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    Excel unresponsive when running a macro

    Hi all, When I run a macro Excel becomes unresponsive - hope you could help. The code is made to remove all styles in the document. I suspect that either I have an error in a code, forgot one of the 101 VBA steps or perhaps it is just too much to process for the program and some modification...
  2. L

    Ambiguous VBA - excel file unresponsive

    Hello everyone! I've made THE HUGE mistake saved file with ambiguous vba-s PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE is there a way to delete one of them somehow? excel works fine but exactly that file that contains that vba is not responding! PLEASE ANY IDEAS? PLEASE HELP!
  3. X

    Inserting copied row code causes Excel to hang (swirly blue circle)

    Hello one and all, I've inherited a Macro enabled spreadsheet I'm trying to make work on Excel 2013, it works OK on Excel 2007 and below. Problem: Manually selecting, copying and inserting a row works OK; however, when running the code below on later versions of Office it causes Excel to stop...
  4. J

    Essbase Unresponsive when ZoomingIn

    I have a rather lengthy code that I won't post unless requested to because I honestly don't know which part to post (where the code is going wrong). Basically I have a few procedures that cycle through each row of a table that specifies certain retrieve criteria and use the essbase commands to...
  5. D

    Ribbon Frozen (Not Responding)

    I've run into a problem recently. Sometimes when I double-click to open a file, the ribbon stops responding, or is frozen. None of the buttons respond to the mouse (can't click, don't highlight when the pointer hovers, etc.). I can still edit the contents of the file, but the only way to save...
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    Why does Excel run slowly / unresponsively AFTER this macro has completed successfully?

    I have a fairly large macro shown below which basically open a Word template, copies some named ranges in then completes a mail merge merging data from the workbook into the Word template. Finally it calls a simple Word macro to insert a table of contents into the document. It does a few other...

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