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    Save with references to unsaved documents

    Hello, I have an excel file that gives the above warning message when saving. I've tried to find references to any .xl. files with find but this gives zero results. Is there another way I can find unsaved documents in an excel file? Thanks. B
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    attach current unsaved workbook to email using vba and cc

    Hi I am using this code(below) to send a current unsaved workbook to a mail recipient when a button is clicked. I want to be able to add a cc/bcc email address, how do I do it? There are plenty of solution that send the saved form from a drive but I don't want users to be able to save the...
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    Supress Save 'XYZ' with references to unsaved documents message

    Hi all, I have an annoying problem that must not be present for a file I am making for end users with little Excel expertise. I have a file that copies a worksheet from it to another workbook. If the user saves the originator file (the file from which the worksheet was copied from), the...
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    ActiveWorkbook.Close closes both target book as well as unsaved workbook

    Hi there folks, its been awhile since I posted anything so if I did anything wrong please let me know. Ok to give some background... I have a bunch of code located in an addin which opens whenever I open excel. The addin contains a custom ribbon ui with various buttons doing various things...
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    VBA Copy/Paste from an existing Workbook to a temporary Workbook

    Hi, I've been browsing on this site to look for solution but still no help. I am looking for a code that will copy a cell from an existing workbook and paste to a temporary workbook. I ran a macro and it created a temporary workbook. I ensured that the temporary workbook is still selected when...
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    Recovering Unsaved Documents

    My boss was working on a spreadsheet in Excel 2002 - she accidentally closed the file without saving it (she had a couple of hours worth of work on the sheet). Is there a way to recover the document? Does Excel automatically cache documents to a default directory? if so, where? Any...

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