1. M

    Saving file with non standard extension

    We have a system that creates files that are imported into Oracle. The files have the naming convention... Filename.0000 ... where the numbers are incremented with each export. So one file might be filename.4357 and the next file will be filename.4358 and so on. Ive managed to import the file...
  2. starl

    Forum Speed

    Changes were made this weekend to speed up the forum. If you notice any unusual slowness (usual would be queries, unusual would be posting or opening a thread) or errors, please post here, with as much error information as possible. For speed issues, please note, if possible, the number of users...
  3. B

    Very Odd Macro Behaviour - Help!

    Hi Guys, Last year some time I wrote a macro to sum specific quantities. Here's how it works: the data contains song names, composers, prices and quantities sold. It could have multiples of the same song, the average file is about 50,000 lines. the macro sorts the file by song name, then...

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