update cell

  1. P

    VBA How to Update the information to the correct Row?

    Hello! Table of Contents: 1. Situation (already working Makro's that are used 2. Question 3. Example I'm currently working on a personal project that is supposed to help me at work. Note: I'm not using UserForms 1. Situation: I've programmed a Macro that lets me copy Values I put into the...
  2. B

    Search Cell for the letter D or d and if it is there place yes in another cell.

    Hello, First post. I'm building a MACRO which I want to look at the cells in column 18 "Avail Designation" one at a time for the letter 'D' or "d". If the cell contains either letter then place "Y" in the corresponding Docking cell in column 20. If not place a "N" in Cell. The Cell i, 18...
  3. M

    VBA For Next Loop

    Hi, I am trying to update a report with a list of cost centres and copy each report created to a new tab. The sheets in my workbook are called: CC List CC REP The steps I am trying to code into a for next loop are as follows: update a specific cell (criteria key for a sum if) on CC...
  4. J

    Months in the quarter

    I am working on a comission tracker. One thing I would like is for three different boxes to show the three months in a quarter. So when I share my tracker it will not have to be manually input. G7 = Jan G8 = Feb G9 = Mar Until this quarter ends. Then it updates these boxes to the next quarters...
  5. P

    OLEObject Update LinkedCell witch VBA Code for a Check-Box

    Hi, I have this code which creates an ActiveX Check-Box with vba: With .OLEObjects.Add(ClassType:="Forms.CheckBox.1", Link:=False, DisplayAsIcon:=False, _ Left:=30, _ Top:=30, _ Width:=20, _ Height:=5) .Name =...
  6. K

    Pulling old result and updating it directly

    Hi. I have been on this website an almost infinite number of times learning so much from it. Thank you for all you guys have shown so far and for more to come. I have come across a road block in building my VBA project and I cannot finish off. I know I am so close to it. My code is as follows...
  7. S

    batch row insert /specific cell update

    I have 80 excel files in a folder. The structure of each file is the same meaning beside the file name which us different, the file content is a table which is identical in all files. The files have the same amount of rows and columns. Column headers are same. Column a is the date column. Every...
  8. C

    Excel Table with Formulae in Header Cells?

    Hi Everyone, Sorry if this is a bit of a silly question but I'm a bit of a Noob when it comes to Excel Pivot tables etc, so please bear with me! I am trying to create a pivot table based on the data from 3 sets of data. To do this, I am first of all trying to create tables around my data...
  9. K

    Not so Sure Vlookup?

    Hello, I am using MS Excel 2010 . And want to create a macro that will edit a cell range based off two criteras . Meaning if cell = sheet name then look for list box item in cell range . user input "date" then search sheet ref and row ref to input data in matching cell. to further...
  10. D

    Search through workbook and update

    Hi all, I have a spreadsheet that consists of a data entry sheet that copies the data line into the applicable sheet, i.e. if the date is 08/09/2013 it will copy the data into the September sheet. I am trying to find a code, or help to code a macro that looks up the reference number (entered...
  11. A

    how to update a record from combo-box in user form?

    hello guys. i really need some help with that thing. im newbie in vba but rally like all that stuff. i have this table: [/URL][/IMG] and i have a form for a user [/URL][/IMG] that i want he can update the table like this: the user choose a name from the "worker name" combo-box and when he...
  12. E

    Auto-update of value in cell

    Hey. I have prepared an excel sheet that records customer data. I have a "total purchase amount" column. I want it to automatically update itself when i print the bill(which is on another sheet). For example a1 refers to total purchase amount of customer xxx. When he/she purchases goods worth...
  13. E

    Macro for updating a cell on a value match

    Hi, I have used excel for real basic stuffs hence very new to macros and such stuffs.. I ll describe my requirement in brief: I have a 'name' field (person entry) and 'count' field (score) in the below format in Worksheet1: Name Count ----- ------ abc 5 def 10 xyz 10 In Worksheet2, I have...
  14. B

    Updating now() automatically

    UPDATING NOW() AUTOMATICALLY I have the =NOW() formula in several worksheets. How can I have them automatically updated, let’s say every 5 seconds? Thank you very much for your help . . . Please also see my question about the code I cannot run. Thanks again
  15. C

    NEED HELP :) ! Macro problem

    Hi everyone, i hope i am posting in the right place. Heres the problem, i have created an excel 2007 document to keep track of savings for my new car. The only problem i am having is with my cell copying. I know how to copy from one cell to another, however i have a balance e.g $248.00 which...

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