update data cell

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    Update Information with Multi Select List Box

    Hi all !!! I am just starting off with VBA and have made a couple of userforms, but ran into a question when trying to update the information based on multiple selections in a ListBox. I have a userform that shows in a list box all of the jobs that are due this week, if for some reason I do...
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    How to capture cell value on update?

    Hey guys! Thank you for taking time to read my post. I am stuck:confused:. I have some code that captures a cell's value on a timer, but I want it to capture the value only when it updates. It is for a live data connection to my stock broker. I want to capture the "last price" and record it on...
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    Updating data in 47 columns (not only in the first)

    Hello guys, sorry for the stupid question but I was watching Youtube to do that and the deadline of my master thesis is the next Monday! :( The problem is, I have 3 forms and this form is to update my data. If I change any data it is not updating. I was looking a video in YouTube, in the...
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    Update cell from form. Please help, running out of time.

    Firstly sorry for my to you easy to me impossible problem. Working in dairy need others to enter each cows daily milk production. Want form for cow by cow entry. Row 1 Date Colomn A cow's id no Colomn B cows name(vlookup on form) C: Amount of milk VB to update now() for column, entered id...
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    Userform to update master data sheet

    Hi all, I've been tasked with creating a user-friendly userform that can be used to update a main data sheet. I began designing the userform but have hit a road block and am seeking advise and direction on how to complete this task. At the very top, my userform contains a ComboBox, containing...
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    Looping through an Array of Wooksheets.

    Windows 7 Excel 2007 GOAL: My intent is to create a single workbook. Sheet1(pga_list) will be used for data purposes and will be referenced by all other sheets through a data validation variable and vlookup values. This I have done. I wish to add an indefinite number of sheets beginning at...
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    Updating Linked Objects

    Hello, I would imagine this is fairly simple, but have had no luck unfortunately. I have two excel files saved on the network. Test1.xls and Test2.xls. Test1 is the source and test2 is the destination. When i update a cell in test1, this cell is referenced in test2 - so anybody who opens...

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