update query

  1. T

    Running an update query via VBA, execute command can't find the update query

    Good Afternoon! I have a series of updates to run on a table and I was hoping to automate them with one click. I tried using the execute method as described here: https://www.fmsinc.com/MicrosoftAccess/query/action-queries/SuppressWarningMessages.htm The problem is, when I put my query name...
  2. S

    Using an Append or Update Query to insert data into a table (Using 2 tables)

    Iam try to create an append query, in order to, insert records into an already existing field (using 2 different tables). Basically, I want to insert the dates from a column (field) labeled “GraduationDate” that is located in a table labeled “OrderHeader” into a table labeled...
  3. G

    Update many fields based on unique identifier

    Hi. I have two tables, both of which have the SKU column as the unique identifier. Table 1 has 32,000 records, Table 2 contains an updated version of about 6,000 of these records. Field names are the same for both tables, it's just the information that is different. I would like to update the...
  4. C

    MS Access 2013 Update Query Syntax Error - SharePoint Linked list update Access table

    Hello: I'm using MS Access 2013 & SharePoint 2010. I’m trying to create a table in Access by linking to an existing SharePoint list. I want them to be linked, so that I’m capturing any data changes made and/or new records in the SharePoint list. However, I do not want changes that I make in...
  5. Z

    Update Query to filll all blanks in a column

    Hello all. I have a table that I am consistently adding records to. I have that part of my database complete and working. However, I am looking to find out the proper way to setup a new update query. I need this update query to prompt me once for a specific date, and then it fills all the...
  6. A

    Using DateAdd function in a update query to add 10 years to the date

    I have a table (tbl_transactions) which has a column(transaction_date) that holds dates in this format mm/dd/yyyy. The file that is imported has the wrong dates, shows 2005 instead of 2015. I need to run an update query to correct the dates by adding 10 years to each date in the...
  7. Prevost

    Update Query between 2 tables

    Hi There, I am trying to run an update query using two tables, Table1 and Table2. I am updating a new field in Table2 to the correct ID number from Table1, using an existing field from Table2 (which also exists in Table1, the reason for just trying to get the ID number from Table1 and avoid...
  8. bs0d

    UPDATE QUERY - Aggregate Function Error; Totals Option Disabled

    I'm trying to update a field in a properties table to reflect the minimum date found in a daily readings table where the property id's match. Can someone look at my SQL and let me know where I'm going wrong with this? Thanks! UPDATE tblDailyReadings INNER JOIN tblProperties ON...
  9. C

    Keep Update Query from Deleting Null Fields

    I have a “Schedule Updates” subform to allow users to schedule future changes to a record on a specific date. These future changes populate tbl_ScheduledUpdates Simple Query qry_ScheduledUpdatesBase finds records <=Date() that now need to be changed. Update Query qry_ScheduledUpdates...
  10. Solola

    Run Update query immediately after record is created from form

    I have a data-entry form (frmTDMEntry) into which the user enters about 15 fields of data into the table t_tdm. When the user tabs to the next blank, new record, I want Access to run an update query on the t_tdm. Based on the fields that were entered in record #1, I have an update query...
  11. D

    Updating records with new data while keeping existing data intact

    I'm sure there's an easy solution to this that I'm overlooking, but here's my problem: I have a table in Access that already contains some data (which I would like to keep). I have about 24 identical tables (same column names, same records), except these tables contain data in the cells that...
  12. G

    How do I add new information but ensure at most 1 record exits

    Deear All, I am a self taught (and not very well) user of Access 2007. I have a table that must contian unique records based on some key fields (item number and purchase order number). The table includes an AutoNumber field that adds a sequential record number. This can tell me the sequence...
  13. Jon von der Heyden

    Count occurence of a value in a field

    Hello again Today I have a table with a column called 'Concat'. This column contains multiple values. I have an update query and I want to update another column with the occurence # of the corresponding 'Concat' value. What do you think is the best approach? Just to demonstrate this is how I...
  14. Jon von der Heyden

    Approximate Lookup

    Hello I'm struggling to think of a 'not so complicated' way of achieving similar to an approximate VLOOKUP. I have a large table, and one of its' many fields is 'Days Overdue', which can be any integer greater than zero. I would like to update another existing field called 'Aged Bucket' to...

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