update values

  1. S

    Update Values Window constantly popping up; NamedRange not working?

    I've got the below setup, trying to have a filepath reference the workbook name listed in CurrentIndia, highlighted below. I've named the range officially CurrentIndia in NameManager: But everytime I edit the formula or re-confirm it, the Update Values window pops up everytime, and I have to...
  2. S

    Referencing Closed via open workbook external links - VBA

    EDIT: Sorry, the title should have read: "Referencing Closed Workbook via Open Workbook's external links - VBA" --------------------------------- I have some code in WorkbookA where I ask for the location of WorkbookB (the data and location constantly change). Via a prompt I am able to select...
  3. K

    Implementation Approach

    I’d be grateful for suggestions on the best approach to implement the following: I need to collate 14 data items from around 35 organisations each month into one “master” worksheet, which in turn uses the data in calculations and charts. I envisaged having the master workbook located one...
  4. E

    updating a field value in word with vba

    I have two fields in a footer of a word document. Field One is "ProjectNo", Field Two is "IFCDate" There are over 300 separate documents each with the s Fame two fields in the footer. Each ProjectNo and IFCDate changes per project so I am constantly updating these two fields. The Object...
  5. S

    Hyperlink question

    Hello, I have created a hyperlink on my spreadsheet with CONCATENATE, and it opens the file from my server just fine. It resides in G4. In H4, however, I would like to have a formula that pulls a value from that hyperlink in G4. I have this formula: ='[G4]2-4-16'!$I$4, but Excel still makes me...
  6. C

    If record exists, append table then move on to next

    Hello, I have a database that checks the names of subfolders in a folder and then creates a table for them in the database, named tblTempProjects. What I then want it to do is check to see if these folder names already exist on another table, tblProjects, if the name does exist, then continue...
  7. B

    Vlookup #NAME error using vba

    Hi everyone, I want to use variables I declared in the actual formula of the print cell. For instance, this code works fine without errors - HOWEVER, I want to use variables "rownum" and "colnum" as cell coordinates to find the lookup value, i.e the first argument in the vlookup equation...
  8. L

    why does the box for update values come up when it's not in the code to come up?

    Okay so I have three things I need help with. 1.) I have excel 2007 and when I recorded the macro yesterday it worked just fine, but today it's coming up with the box to update values. The macro is set to open up the vendor assignment sheet and do a vlookup against the clerk and then return the...
  9. L

    Update Values Keeps Popping Up In Macro

    When I run my macro in excel 2007, I keep getting this window to pop up to update value: Sheets 9 and it pops up several times. Each time I hit cancel, and then another one will pop up right after. How can I eliminate this from happening in the coding? Sheets("Sheet9").Select</SPAN> Cells(3...
  10. S

    Multiple Spreadsheet Links with Different Passwords

    I have a spreadsheet that is linked to many other spreadsheets. All these 'other' spreadsheets have different passwords to one another. How can I update my spreadsheet from all of the 'other' spreadsheets without having to MANUALLY enter all of the passwords of the 'other' spreadsheets? I...
  11. J

    Update Values Message

    I have a two worksheet (lets say A & B) workbook. Fixed information in in Worksheet A is used to populate information in Worksheet B. Everything is working fine. I have some fields that are being edited in worksheet B that I would like to populate fields in worksheet A. A is actually a...

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