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    VBA Sharepoint upload query

    Hi all, I am using the code below to upload a .xlsx file to sharepoint and it seems to only work a handful of times. My questions is there a difference is one uses \\ or // ? And why does this only work sometimes and not all of the time? Sub uploadtosharepoint() Dim SharepointAddress As...
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    Cleansing Data to be uploaded into Web Database

    Hello - I only have very basic excel skills so would appreciate your help. I run a database which is used by Universities to order items of clothing for their academic staff at graduation ceremonies. In my database I have over 400 Universities and all of these have their own set of...
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    how can I upload a file to forum

    Hello guys, I have a question, i have a spread sheet on excel that I would like to upload. I have some questions about formulas, but I don't see how I can upload a file. Can any one help me?. thanks
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    Choose a file to upload

    I am trying to upload a file to google docs, i have the code to login and get to the upload page and then open up the browse to a location on your computer, but once that window pops up to enter in the location of the file, i dont know how to input the location into that "choose a file to...

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