upside down

  1. A

    COPY UPSIDE DOWN DATA to one column with formula?

    <tbody> A B C D as1 be1 cu1 di1 as2 be2 cu2 di2 as3 be3 cu3 di3 Result (That i need): as1 as2 as3 be1 be2 be3 cu1 cu2 cu3 ??? </tbody> Hello all, is that possible to make a formula for other data on "???", my data need to...
  2. R

    upside down numbers

    I want to print a number upside down. Doing a mailmerge using Word and data from an Excel spreadsheet. Need the sequence number upside down at the bottom of the page. Any ideas? ( the sequence number is just another field in the list along with name, address etc) Richard

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