1. L

    upto 1, 2, 3 digits

    Hi I went to Format Cell -> Fraction and I saw the first 3 options. 1) Upto 1 digit 2) Upto 2 digits 3) upto 3 digits I entered in a cell this value 1.1 and formatted 3 cells as above, so i got this <colgroup><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> upto 1 digit upto 2 digits upto 3 digita...
  2. P

    Counting entries

    ihave a cell containg 11A22A11B00000b how do i count the number of entries in the cell upto the second 'A' or 'B'
  3. P

    conditional calculation

    sir, This is Income Tax calculation where for 1st 2,50,000 rupees no tax. For the next 2,50,000 rupees tax is 5%. Above 5 lakh but below 10 lakh tax, it is 20%. Above 10 lakh, tax is 30%. if taxable income is 450000(4.5 lakh) for 250000 nil tax upto 500000 5%...
  4. S

    Need help in use of IF function

    Hello Friends Today my Boss give me some work in excel but i face some problem in it. So i need your help. I have one excel file like below, <tbody> Amt % of Cash 48000 55 55000 65 32000 32 56000 80 110000 78 130000 90 250000 66 260000 74 </tbody> I have...
  5. N

    Excel Filter drill down

    Good morning, I have 3 headers in my file with lots of similar contents (Words) under column. I have allowed user to mention the filter criteria for each header (upto 5 criteria) in a separate sheet . I would like to have a excel vba code for this. Thanks.
  6. M

    Casting running balance

    MS Excel 2007. A B C D 1 Date Withdrawal Deposit Balance 2 1000 1000 3 500 1000 1500 4...
  7. B

    Sumproduct problem

    hiya having a little trouble with a Sumproduct formula. Below is what i would like to achieve Cost of journey determine by length 0-29 Miles @ £1.7 30-50 Miles @ £1.6 51-80 Miles @ £1.4 80+ Miles @ £1.3 i have entered the formula (c21 being where i enter the mileage)...

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