url extract

  1. S

    Extracting UTM Parameters from URL

    I need to extract the campaign parameter from a set of URLs with UTM parameters. Here's an example. http:/example.com/&utm_source=Web+Campaign&utm_medium=AccountBudget&utm_campaign=More_subscribers_6_14_17 What I need is an Excel formula that will take this URL as an argument and have as the...
  2. P

    Automatically applying hyperlinks from one cell to another

    I have a workbook that has a column which contains the titles of different documents which are published to a website (B4:B6). Another column contains the URLs for those documents (C4:C6). <tbody> Document Title External Link How to Eat Worms www.fakewebsite.com/how-to-eat-worms How to Dig...
  3. L

    Extracting multiple URLs from cell containing URLs plus text

    Hi there, I'm trying to split all URLs within a cell - the cell contains a mixture of text and different URLs - and extract them to adjacent cells. I have been able to separate single URLs to an adjacent cell, but only up to the first instance of a unique URL - I'm just not sure how to create...
  4. A

    Extract actual addresses from hyperlinks with User Defined Function

    I have the following code in my excel module and when I typein this formula =GetURL(A2) (A2 is the cell that the hyperlink in), and press Enter button to see real hidden hyperlink, get the error #NAME? <code class="vb keyword" style="white-space: nowrap; padding: 0px !important; font-family...
  5. T

    Extracting portions of URLs in Excel

    I have a list of URLs that I need to sift through, such as: facebook.com home.facebook.com live.fanfooty.com.au fanfooty.com.au desktop.spotify.com zlink.app.spotify.com I only need the main part of the domain (facebook.com, spotify.com, fanfooty.com.au), and there are many different variations...
  6. R

    getting an image from an URL

    Hello excel gurus, I have a table in SQL with some fields, and one of this fields is a URL. I need to show all of the info in the table in excel, but I want the URL field to show the image the URL is pointing to instead of the URL itself. How can I show the image at a certain URL in Excel? I...
  7. S

    Open and Save PDFs using Excel Metadata

    I have a list of PDF URLs that I want to open and save using the metadata in the Excel workbook. Example: A | B https://link1.pdf | super_awesome_1 https://link2.pdf | totally_rad_47 https://link3.pdf | wowsers_cool_32 I want to create a script or process that will open each URL in column A...
  8. C

    VBA code to get .csv file from a URL and repeat for all rows

    I am trying to import a large number of URL addresses where a .csv file exists. These URL addresses are stored in a worksheet, one per row, along with the name of the worksheet I want to import the data to. I know how to create a hyperlink for each row but would like a VBA/Macro solution that...
  9. S

    Importing Images with URL

    Hi, I am using following code to fetch images from URL. For bad URL macro stops working and open the message box for Debug or End. What I want is to insert a value like "Bad URL" in adjacent cell and macro should not stop until it process all URLs present in the column. CODE: Sub Test() Dim...
  10. F

    URL convert

    Hi, if in field, I have value with hyperlink. I'm removing the value and put it just hyperlink example: A1 = "MREXCEL" where MREXCEL is link into "MrExcel.com | Excel Resources | Excel Seminars | Excel Products" after macro I get only the link: A1 = "MrExcel.com | Excel Resources | Excel...
  11. L

    Need to Display Actual Url Associated With Hyperlink

    I have a list of 5,000 urls and I'd like to see what the actual url that is returned for each of them. For example, if I run the url www.example.com/runningshoes, that url may redirect to www.example.com/shoes. I'd like to see what each url returns. Is there a formula/macro that I can use to see...
  12. T

    extract all url from a website

    Hi, I need to copy the information of all the products of this website: http://www.selleckchem.com/ but I don't know the url for each individual product. So I need to extract all the url related to the products into excel. Does anyone know how it can be done? Many Thanks,

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