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    Usedrange adding range that is not used

    There's a portion of my code I use to cut and paste the used range from one sheet to another. Recently it's started adding extra lines into the used range which is affecting my table by adding blank lines. This is mildly inconvenient as I have to manually delete the lines, but it's not supposed...
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    UsedRange in all worksheets Wb1 to find matching value in Wb2.

    I'm trying to get workbook 1, all sheets used range, if cell value = a cell value in column a of sheets"Final" in Wb2. if so color cell indexcolor 6. the following cod runs but no color change. Sub color_matching_between_workbooks() Dim sh As Worksheet 'Dim wb1 As Workbook Dim wb2...
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    Runtime Error 1004

    I keep getting a Runtime Error 1004 with a particular macro. The debug option always take me back to the "UsedRange" portion of: If ws2.Range("A:A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row > 4 Then ws2.UsedRange.Offset(4).Clear What's so frustrating is that if I copy and paste the contents to a brand new...
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    N eed to add number of used rows to my range

    I have see a few ways to count the rows and have tried to put it in my vba every way I can think of and I cant get it to work. I am still new to all this vba stuff so thanks in advance for your patience. Here is my current range ActiveSheet.ListObjects.Add(xlSrcRange, Range("$F$1:$I$170"), ...
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    How does usedrange.rows.count work?

    Hi Can someone please explain to me how the following statements work? LastRow = ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Rows.Count LastCol = ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Columns.Count I thought what it does was went into the active sheet, scanned the cells for contents, and returned the highest row or...
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    VBA - Find last used row number within certain columns please

    How can I find the last used range within certain columns. I know how to find the last used row number within a whole worksheet or a whole column, but I was looking for the last row number within columns G:L. The problem is I have data within columns A:F that I would like to ignore for this...

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