1. VBE313

    Can I add "Error handling" if there is no match in this formula?

    I saw this from VBA Express. It was very helpful, I was wondering if you can add error handling if you find no match? Private Sub TextBox1_Change()Dim i As Long Dim sFind As String...
  2. P

    How to enter data from userform if table is in the middle of the spreadsheet

    Hello guys, I am creating a template to log activities and account history and I am unable to add data if my table would start in a cell not at the beginning of the sheet (ex. first column is at C33). The template I am creating will be the same template used for each new sheet generated named...
  3. D

    send worksheet via email with comand button

    Hi All, I am trying to send a worksheet via email from my userform. The coding I currently have fills in the cells o.k but I then want that sheet to be attached to an email and sent. any help/codes are appreciated. Thanks.
  4. R

    VBA UseForm

    Dear Experts, I want to make a useform for data entry in my excell sheet. there are three button in my useform. No 1: its a combo box & i select data from here. No 2: Its a date picker & select date from here. No 3: Its comand button & caption save & update. Now if i fill all data in useform &...
  5. B

    VBA USERFOM to Select Burger Options and Output Summary with Total

    Hello, I have a list of ingredients that I would like to develop a user form in VBA to allow the customer to select from a series of ingredients then it calculates the price at the end once you hit Order. Here is a list of the ingredients, I will not include the prices for each as they could be...
  6. S

    Deleting records in Access table based on multiple items selected in Excel user form List box ?

    I am trying to use list box (with multiple items) in excel user form to delete the record in access table. for example: I have selected multiple items in excel user form list box (Listbox1), let say Wk1 and Wk2 in access, I have a table called "Rawdata" and there is a column called "Weeks"...
  7. J

    Listbox Userform delimited rowsource

    Hello I would like some help with populating my listbox within my userform. My source data for the useform is in a single cell. Within the cell, each column is seperated by a | and every row is a carriage return (new line) So far I have: With Me.ListBox1 .Clear .ColumnCount = 6...
  8. C

    Using VBA Userform to populate an excel spreadsheet,

    Hi, I'm new to VBA so only have a basic understanding so please bear with me. I need some help with this: I'm trying to set up a VBA userform that will input information directly into a spread sheet. All the user has to do is click the userform, add the info and click populate, and the entered...
  9. M

    VBA Userform Displaying Errors For Some Users and Not Others

    Hello all, I have created a simple UserForm that basically dumps information entered into the form into a worksheet. It has been working fine for around 2/3 months until now - a compile error message comes up when hitting the enter command button stating "Cannot Find Project Or Library"...
  10. F

    Unload Userform protect sheet

    I been searching the forums and I am sure this is quite easy to do but a little stumped. I have a userform where users only put in certain criteria. I have been asked to create a button where the user can unload the userform, and be able to print the worksheet, but the worksheet is protected...

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