user defined formula

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    Index/Match question

    =INDEX($C4:$K4,MATCH(P$2,$C4:$K4,0)) I use this formula to match single numbers in P2 with the defined range. Is it possible to change this formula so that it works when there are comma separated 2 or 3 numbers in P2. And if one (or more) of these numbers in P2 match with the defined range, it...
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    UDF and Enable Content Issue

    Hello, I have a UDF that is supposed to track changes for a defined range of cells. So if anything within that range changes record who made the change and when. The problem I am running into is that whenever a new user opens the file it asks them to Enable Content which, when they do Enable...
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    VBA User Defined Function Ifelse(

    Hi Gurus, I'm somewhat new to vba and I'll bet it won't take more than a minute for one you experts to be able to solve this. I'm trying to write a udf that will function similar to the iferror function. However, instead of looking for an error, I would like to test if the equation is equal to...
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    Passing Range Into User Defined Functions

    I have created a user defined function that reads in a named range "Table" that consists of two columns. The first column contains integer ages from 15 to 70 and the second column is the number I need to manipulate. Here is a simplified version of it. Function MyFunction(Age Table) Dim...
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    What's wrong with my UDF?

    My user-defined formula is supposed to find the address of a cell that contains "TextToLookFor" in worksheet "Sheet"? Can you telll me what is wrong with it? Function FindIt(TextToLookFor, Sheet) As String Dim myCell As Range myCell = Cells.Find(What:=TextToLookFor...

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