user form controls

  1. R

    Looping userform ComboBox 1-10 with associated TextBox 1-10

    I can loop through all 10 ComboBoxes with the following code. [Code] Dim cmb As combobox, i As Integer For i = 1 To 10 Set cmb = Me.Controls.Item("ComboBox" & i) MyPNum = cmb.Value Cells.Find(What:=MyPNum, After:=ActiveCell, LookIn:=xlFormulas, LookAt _ :=xlPart...
  2. U

    How can I clear the previous values for a User Form Combo Box?

    I have a combo box dependent on the values of another combo box. It populates the values but when someone changes the values from another combo box I need to clear the values before adding values again. Private Sub Eng1SD_Change() If EnableEvents Then...
  3. rollinshultz

    How do I elimninate the built in close button?

    I am using the User Form to hide the spreadsheet and I have provided a close button which closes the form and the spreadsheet. My problem is the X button on the User Form closes only the form, leaving the spreadsheet exposed.
  4. C

    Password Protect Worksheet Based on User w/ VBA

    I have a spreadsheet with various formulas that I would like to protect from others editing. If I use tools protection, it's annoying because once I apply the protection, I have to unprotect before I can edit it again. I would like to use VBA to enter in a script that reads the user name...
  5. K

    User Form, Combo Box, Moving Entries to spreadsheet

    G'day, Could someone please assist an amateur in the transfer of data entered on a user form so that it appears on a spreadsheet. I have created a user form with 4 text boxes labelled as: "Job Number"; "Customer Name"; "Suburb" and "State/Country. The next two entries are combo boxes labelled...
  6. G

    Automate details for Userform

    Hi All, I have a file which is made by someone else and is password protected, i want to export the data to that file using macro. But the problem is i dont know how to link and how to enter data in user form using a macro. If someone can help me with it. Thanks & Regards, Gaurav
  7. B

    User form help!

    Hello everyone, I am currently building a data entry spreadsheet and have succesfully added a user form created in VB. I have several list boxes in the user form. Basically - I was wondering if it was possible to do the following. When a selection is made in the list box, it will then...
  8. D

    Listbox mystery - any ideas?

    So I've been (painfully) teaching myself UserForms (with a little help). Not great by any means but I'm progressing ok. Yet this has me absolutely stumped and I'd really appreciate a clue if anyone will lend me one. The UserForm has 5 Tabs, each has a Listbox drawing from the same RowSource...
  9. T

    Array-Based Checklist pass to Array

    Hi All, I'm normally a php developer but am having fun with a VBA project at work this week. The ultimate result I'm looking for is this: 1) Select unique values from a sheet. 2) Prompt user to select one/several/all values. 3) Pass selected values in array (or another way) for use in a...
  10. C

    Whiskey/Wine journal: Solutions to make data entry easier?

    I am hesitant to post this, but my searches on the forum/web are coming up fruitless... I am trying to create a Whiskey/Wine/Beer journal. I have created a spreadsheet that will allow me to enter the info/rating/attributes to each drink and develop a visual (radar graph, color scale...
  11. H

    Help with check boxes

    Hello ... I have a working form and I want to ad check boxes to answer a simple question yes or no. This is what I have so far Private Sub UserForm_Click() Private Sub cmdAdd3_Click() Dim iRow As Long Dim ws, ws2 As Worksheet 'Dim ws As Worksheet Set ws = Worksheets("CoursesDB") Set ws2 =...
  12. KG Old Wolf

    UserForm Controls Alignment

    All, Is there an easy way to set a standard distance between controls (i.e. labels and text boxes)? It's easy enough to "select all" and get edges, height etc. the same and aligned but there has to be a better way of establishing a standard amount of separation between a set of controls...

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