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    Userform Search & present in listbox then delete selected item

    Hi, I am using Excel 2010, i have a userform "Remove Site Issues" which search text is entered in textbox and results are displayed in listbox, a result can then be selected and row deleted which references worksheet "Site Issues" My problem is that the userform all looks like it works ok but...
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    advance userform and filter

    Hi guys, I am hoping to get some help from you guys, I am using a userform with 5 combo boxes to filter a table and it works like a filters the table and copies the filtered results into a new table. I need a tweak in that code, if possible..... is that possible to return the...
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    Userforms Help

    I have a data set that I need to be able to search and edit through a userform for some of our less computer savy employees, I've added what I have so far but I have yet to find a way to search based on Work Order number and UNID number to return the entire row in the userform. Any help you can...

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