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    How to activate Userform when I open the xl file containing a macro?

    Hello Everybody, Can anyone let me know how to activate Userform when I open the excel file containing that macro? I have created a Userform with 2 Command buttons. One button to Run the macro and other to close the file. I don't know how to bring the userform when I open the this Excel file...
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    Formatting User Form Display

    I have created a user form that receives its value from a NameRange in the workbook. Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() tb_TFR_PM_3PH_AMT.ControlSource = "TFR_PM_3PH_AMT" tb_TFR_PM_3PH_AMT.Text = Format(tb_TFR_PM_3PH_AMT.Text, "#,##0.00") MsgBox "Value = " & tb_TFR_PM_3PH_AMT.Text & " ." End...

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