using if

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    Return user define value using IF & OR

    Hello. I am comparing 2 different workbooks. I want this formula to return a "P" if the cell values in the 2nd workbook (Trial31) contains "Pass/Pass" or "Pass/Fail". Else if none of these 2, return an "O". I'm also using COUNTIFS as apart from the above, I also need to check if another set of...
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    Fill Cells using a reference Text and Column/Rows

    Hello, I am trying a do cell replacement exercise and have found it a bit challenging. Below is my data and expected results: Current Data: <tbody> Policy No Name_Address Agent Code Date Premium 23456 James Price T83P 2XP 23/05/2013 £35.00 Line1 Line2 Line3 PO1 2TN...
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    Using the IF statement with "lcurrentrow" & column

    I get error 438 - Object doesn't support this property or method. Via my "cmdAdd" command button on userform I am checking the current row, column 52 if it contains "1" but I cannot figure out the correct format for the line. Here is my code: Public lCurrentRow As Long...
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    Using IF, AND, OR and VLOOKUP in one

    Hi, Here is my problem I am trying to write 'if the value in E1 is anywhere in column T AND either R1 OR S1 is in column U then TRUE, otherwise FALSE' Now using vlookups to get the values works fine, also when i combine the IF statement with AND it works but when i try...

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