1. F

    Importing RSS Feeds into Excel (XML V1.0 and UTF-8)

    Hi, I am trying to insert an rss feed from the web into Excel, but this seems to have stopped working ever since May 2019. The link I am trying to insert is: https://www.totaljobs.com/JobSearch/RSS.aspx?Keywords=Performing-arts&LTxt=Birmingham&Radius=10 The data appears correct when you...
  2. A

    Trying To Create Export to CSV with UTF-8 with few function

    Hello, I am trying to create vba code that can export to csv with UTF-8 file format, with few little function <tbody> # Use A B 1 false Apple Bat 2 true Airplane Boss </tbody> when it export it only export true such as <tbody> # A B 1 Airplane Boss </tbody> with all the...
  3. T

    Macro to open txt file and save again with different encoding

    Hello, Do you have any ideas how can I open txt/csv file with encoding UTF-8 or ANSI and save it wit unicode encoding?
  4. S

    Save as UTF-8

    Hi! i Need to save my file with filter setting Character set to UTF-8 and Field Delimiter to ; (semicolon). Is it possible, here's what I only have so far :/ Sub save() Dim fName As Variant fName = Application.GetSaveAsFilename(InitialFileName:="", FileFilter:="Excel Files (*.csv), *.csv"...
  5. T

    import UTF-8 HTML complete source codes of a HTTP webpage via vba

    I have to import several HTTP webpage's source codes into separate Excel worksheets. I found this great code by searching the forum, which does exactly what I need: Sub ImportHTMLSource() Dim FileName As String Dim FileNum As Long Dim Sh As Worksheet FileName = "D:\Source.txt" FileNum =...
  6. M

    VBA Macro to save Excel file like ".txt UTF-8"

    Dears, I'm struggling to find a way to save an excel file like a ".txt UTF-8". I used to simply save my file like a .csv (comma delimited), but now I have to deal with Chinese characters and I learnt from internet that chinese/japanese/korean characters have some kind of issues and aren't...
  7. M

    Export CSV into UTF-8 Format

    Hello, I'm using code to generate individual CSV files for each worksheet of a single workbook. However, these individual CSV files that are generated need to be within UTF-8 format. Could someone assist me with modifying this code for those purposes? I greatly appreciate it! Thanks! Sub...
  8. T

    Import text file as UTF-8

    I am using the following vba code to import all txt files in the active directory into excel. Sub ImportTXTfiles() Dim Path As String Path = Application.ActiveWorkbook.Path & "\" Filename = Dir(Path & "*.txt") Do While Filename <> "" Workbooks.Open Filename:=Path & Filename, ReadOnly:=True For...
  9. D

    UTF-8 Format

    Hi I need to export selected cells as an UTF-8 format compatible file. I am ok if it were just a test file - but have no idea how to ensure it is UTF-8 compatible. Any leads/pointers or assistance appreciated. I am happy to post once the solution once I have it working Cheers
  10. J

    CSV export macro in UTF-8

    Hi there! Have been using this macro to export as a CSV. I need it modified to export in UTF-8 Can someone with more VB skills than me help please :-) Public Sub ExportToTextFile(FName As String, _ Sep As String, SelectionOnly As Boolean) Dim WholeLine As String Dim FNum As Integer...
  11. K

    Workbooks.OpenText doesn't work with UTF-8, ActiveSheet.QueryTables.Add does?!

    I have this csv file which is UTF-8 encoded. It contains special characters like ë, ï, etc. To import it into Excel, I use the following code, where Origin:=65001 should ensure that Excel reads it as an UTF-8 encoded file: Workbooks.OpenText Comma:=True, DataType:=xlDelimited...
  12. D

    use vba creat csv but the format of csv is not correct.

    <TABLE sizset="14" sizcache="6"><TBODY sizset="14" sizcache="6"><TR sizset="14" sizcache="6"><TD class=votecell> </TD><TD class=postcell sizset="14" sizcache="6">I use the code as below. Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Const File$ = "C:\CsvfileTest2.csv" Dim Fso, MyFile Set Fso =...

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