value if true

  1. tlc53

    Formula - Value if True not returning valid year

    Hi there, I have a formula which the "Value if True" result is not calculating correctly. For example, if the date in cell D7 is 30/06/18 return 2016-17 but if the month of cell D7 is December, return the year of D7 minus 1 year. The bit that doesn't seem to be working is YEAR(D7)-1 This...
  2. E

    If formulas that give the value of another cell

    Hello, I have two columns. A is full of numbers, and B has some numbers and some blank cells. I want a formula for C1 that says 'If B1 is blank, use the number in A1. If B1 isn't blank, use the number in B1'. So, for example, the end result would look like this <TABLE style="WIDTH...
  3. C

    Interpolate between data points - if points exist use adjacent value, if no point exists use zero.

    G'day, I am having trouble finding the right formula (excel 2007) to format data sets to be useable for creating graphs. My Data set is a simple download from a logger system, and only points with associated values are recorded. Set out as follows: <TABLE style="WIDTH: 144pt...

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