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    Index/Match from one work book to another.

    Hello All, I'm trying to use INDEX/MATCH to pull data from one workbook, managed by a seperate department, to a workbook my department uses to track progress during different product launch phases. I thought about using VLOOKUP but I can't garuantee that the other departments workbooks will...
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    Value Not Available Error - Excel 2007

    =INDEX('STORE LISTING'!E:E,MATCH(A4,'STORE LISTING'!$C:$C,0)) When A has a value in it - this formula displays the correct information. However, when A is empty - it displays #N/A I've tried =INDEX('STORE LISTING'!E:E,MATCH(A4,'STORE LISTING'!$C:$C," ")) but that always displays an error...

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