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    Alternative to the pivot table

    Hello I am searching an alternative to the pivot table. Since the pivot table works only if data are in the same header (column) how can I select a certain type of date for a given reference? Let me explain here. I have a similar situation as below: <tbody> ID Date Value 1 Value2 ID Date...
  2. J

    Hide multiple non contiguous Rows based on Dropdown List

    Hi, I'm a newbie in Excel. Could you help me to code for hidding rows that are non consecutives ? My cell A1 is a dropdown menu, with the choice between Value1 and Value2. I found this (adapted to be simple), wich is working : Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Not...
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    URGENT - I need help with INDEX / VLOOKUP and looking up a value

    Table: 1/12/17, value1 1/13/17, value2 1/16/17, value3 1/17/17, value4 I have an appointment at 9am tomorrow morning and I need to get this fixed by then. I would really appreciate some help! I need to create a formula which will retrieve a spreadsheet date from say column N1. Then, the...
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    What formula is required to find and add values from a matching data set?

    Hi, I was hoping someone could advise what formula can be used for my query? If I have a full list of unique data in Columns A & B, is there a formula I can use to match up Column A & C and then add the Value1 to the corresponding Value2 field? The first line is an example where by Value2 is...
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    Return value based on multiple tests

    Hi all This might be a simple request but I cant think of a neat way to do it. Lets say I have the following table A: <tbody> Attachment Name Value1 Value2 Value3 Value4 Value5 file1 10 15 20 0 50 file2 20 25 25 10 10 file3 25 50 50 5 0 </tbody> and table B...
  6. A

    match command in vlookup

    hi, i am new in excel vba i am trying to write a code that will use a dynamic value as the column index i googled it and reached at this code Dim FileName As String Dim value As String Dim value2 As Double Dim value3 As Double Dim wbName As String, wb As Workbook, ws As Worksheet...
  7. S

    Column Subtraction

    Hi, I am trying to put a custom column by subtracting Value1 from Value2, Subtraction column is the result i got from PQ Store3 result should be -21 (null-21) & Store 5 result should be 54 (54-null). How can get the correct result Store Value1 Value2 Subtraction Store 1 1700 3544...
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    Use Variable Names in Large Function (VBA)

    Dim Value1 As Double Dim Value2 As Double Dim Value3 As Double 'Example values Value1 = 1 Value2 = 2 Value3 = 3 How can i get the Largest value using the names of the variables? So something like: = Application.Large((Value1, Value2, Value,3), 1)
  9. M

    VBA dinamic vlookup table array based on if statement

    Hi there! I will be grateful for some help. I have WorkBook with 2 sheets in it. sheet 1 <colgroup><col><col><col span="2"></colgroup><tbody> name macro / vlookup result value1 value2 A J 11 4 42621 40 40 A J 11 4 42621 272 272 A J 11 4 42621 319 319 A J 11 4 42621 128 120 A J 13...
  10. V

    Change Values in Range Parameter

    I have a worksheet function that takes two range variables as parameters, each with 5 cells. I want to switch the values such that Xi(1) = Xi(5)...Xi(5) = Xi(1) and do the same for the Yi values. I can not seem to set the variable correctly and it crashes as indicated below. Below is the image...
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    Reorder columns - Faster way with Array

    Hi, I have a working VBA-code for reordering columns alphabetically. Only problem: the sheet is so big that it takes over 20 minutes to complete. Sub OrderColumnsAZ() Dim rng As Range Dim i As Integer Dim J As Integer Dim Temp Set rng = Range("A1").CurrentRegion For i = 1 To rng.Columns.Count...

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