values only

  1. brendalpzm

    Copy data from a range and paste it in the next available row in another sheet

    I have a range ("A31:AB31") in the "Input incidents" sheet, so I need to paste it (only values, no formulas) at the next available row in a data base ("Incidents_Accu"), the columns are also A:AB in the data base, the information should be accumulated in the data base by clicking on an ActiveX...
  2. D

    VBA Copy Column Between Worksheets Using an End Row

    Hey guys, I have three different worksheets. RawDataA RawDataB ReducedData Basically, I only want to take certain columns of data from each of the RawData sheets and comiple them together in the ReducedRawData worksheet. With what I currently have, I am running into issues copying over the...
  3. Q

    Code works however, I need it to only bring in the values, not the formula

    I have vba code that matches up to a list of worksheets in a column, in column B i need the code (which I have, however just want the values) to relate to "D1". Please see the code I have already. Many Thnx Private Sub CommandButton3_Click() For Each wkSht In Sheets For Each cell In...
  4. M

    VBA copy/ paste distinct values only, leave blanks and sort ascending

    I'm fairly new to this and with some internet help I've managed to almost get it right, however would need my VBA to paste values only. I've tried with Paste:=xlPasteValues without any luck. Anyone able to help me tweak this one a bit so it copies only values? Sub copytoHScode()...
  5. K

    Xldown with a twist - select data only

    Hi guys bit of a weird and wonderful problem here. I have this Excel sheet, it has a table of formulas, which I have restricted to 100 rows long, by default. There's a VBA sub that runs, when a drop down list value is changed. It runs a script - selecting the rows one by one, expanding them...
  6. M

    Can I copy-and-paste old data from my table into a values-only table, and then use that in my time series chart?

    I have an Excel table called DailyBalances that uses several SUMIF functions to other tables in my workbook to calculate values for each day. As time goes on this table is getting larger and larger and execution time is getting slower and slower. So what I want to do is every month or so I want...
  7. T

    VBA Force Paste Special Values Only

    Hi all, having some trouble with something that is likely very uncomplicated, but due to my very, very rookie status when it comes to VBA, it's complicated. I have a template being used for data import into a website tool developed for my team at work. It needs to be imported as a CSV file. I...
  8. J

    New to VBA...want to save as with values

    Hello - First time poster here and relatively new to VBA/macros! I have an excel worksheet that I have set up for users to update at various times throughout the day. This file is linked to another and auto-refreshes data every time it is opened. After the user updates this template file, I...
  9. C

    Macro To Paste "Values Only" into next blank row of ANY active sheet

    I work at an auto dealership and I have a worksheet that lists open (not funded) contracts and this list will be updated daily throughout the month. I have a droplist with 2 options that can be selected once a contract is either "Booked" or "Funded". Periodically someone will sort the "Funded"...
  10. C

    Automate/ schedule xlsx to values only xlsx

    Hello Everyone, I have a server running 2008 r2 as a webserver, and need to convert xlsx spreadsheets to values only xlsx automatically (scheduled). My question is, is there a way, or a software, where I can perform the (all) following functions: 1. Convert xlsx to another values only xlsx...
  11. S

    Macro function to copy data set to next available column

    Hello, I am looking for a macro that will copy values only of cells D1:E90 and paste them into the next available column in the column range X-IV on the same sheet of the workbook. Any ideas are greatly appreciated! Sean
  12. A

    How to 'hard copy' worksheets in new workbook?

    Hi, I want to 'copy/hard-paste' up to 100 worksheets into a new workbook to get rid of all the formula's and external links that are in original workbook. Can anyone tell me how to that without having to copy/paste each and every individual worksheet seperately? Many thanks, Marijn
  13. G

    Convert Array Formula to Values

    The following piece of code works. However, before performing the loop, I would like to select the range where I am placing the array formula and paste is as values instead of leaving the formula in the range. Sub Macro1() Range("A1").Select Do Range(ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0)...
  14. Grizlore

    Lost all formulas in cells

    Help please This keeps happening, and I can't see why... On some worksheets and spreadsheets, when I save the formulas disappear, only to be replaced by the previously calculated values. It has become a real pain. I assume this is something simple. Can anyone help please? Thanks & Regards
  15. T

    Paste Values only

    Hello, I have a little challenge for somebody: I have a workbook with 2 sheets of data, which an entire department of people use. It's a common and accepted practice to copy/ paste values around the sheets. The problem is that the formatting gets copied too, which makes a mess after a while...

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