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    How to remove certain parts of text in an already concatenated column

    Good Morning, I need to remove certain text from my line that has already been concatenated. For Example...This is the concatenated version: <tbody> <colgroup><col width="144"></colgroup><tbody> 2014 Great Dane Van </tbody> </tbody> I need to remove "20" and also remove the...
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    Beste, is het mogelijk om een ​​formule te koppelen aan de waarde van een cel? Bijgevoegd een deel van een werkblad. Als mannen in kolom BJ, de rijen 1,2,3,4 en 5 wijzigd in NEE, dan verandering de waarde in cel BJ7. Bedoeling is dat de kolombreedte BI wordt automatisch aangepast aan de...
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    Lookup on a Value in different columns

    Hi, I have a table on the left which shows a Van and which fruit goes in each van. What I want to do is replicate the right in terms of result, therefore having a list of fruit which I already have but using the table on the left show which van is carrying a particular fruit. (See Link for...
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    Combine 3 columns, but keep on separate rows

    I can't figure out how and if I can combine text from three different columns and place them in the same column, but in same row, I prefer an function. Example: <style type="text/css"><!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}--></style> <colgroup><col style="width...
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    Equally split column list to a section of people

    Guys, im pretty sure this is not possible but wanted to check. I have a list of vehicles in column A and a list of 4 names in D1:D4 (dave, bob, jim and steve). I was wondering if it is possible to allocate the vehicles equally to the people named in D1:D4 so each person has an equal amount of...
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    Hi, Not sure what / how to do this. I need to lookup vehicle registration number + data as per below (below is what I have in one excel tab. Date Van Reg Driver Name 23/10/2017 ABC 123 ? The other tab contains...
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    NPV works well with excel???

    Hi Somebody told me that the NPV formula used by Excel doesn´t calculate the value correctely. Is this true??? I´m trying to calculate the NPV for this cash flow, Investment: -10.000 1st period 1.000 2nd period 3.000 3rd period 3.500 4th period 4.500 5th period 10.000 Rate: 2%...

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