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    Exporting data to Text (Tab Delimited)

    Hi All, I am Trying to export a particular sheet to Text (Tab Delimited) File. The path to save the file and the name of the text file should be selected by the user. I tried searching in internet and i am Fed up on this. I tried the below code but the whole workbook is getting saved in the...
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    VBA to Find CSV Files in Folder by Current Month

    Hi, I'm trying to get VBA to find the current month folder on a given file path then open all ".csv" items in that folder. I had code that die something similar with in a given folder. Now the folder is a variable. If I put "March" in the file path it finds it and opens it obviously. What...
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    User to select variable folder for saving files

    Hi I hope someone can help. I've searched through other posts but either can't find the same scenario as mine or I'm not looking properly. :confused: I would like my macro to prompt the user to select a folder for files to be either opened from or saved to during the running of my macro...

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