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    Variable User Input - Either a Fixed Input or Cell Reference

    I would like to give a user the option of either inputting a fixed number or making reference to another worksheet, but all within one cell if possible. Therefore, it would be a decision first (do you want to input: 1) a fixed number or 2) utilize a reference to another worksheet that contains...
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    Variable input ComboBox

    Hi there, I have a problem with a ComboBox. I hope the following text makes you guys understand my problem. I have 3 sheets (sheet1, sheet2 en sheet3). In sheet1 I have column A with in each row an integers (A1 =1; A2 = 2, …). This number of rows is variable, so there could be 10 but also 100...
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    HELP with vba FORM user input dictate ouput to row in table

    Hello ... needing some help with a variable, I want to be able to have data copied to a TABLE to a specific row based on user input "Textbox1". So if the user enters "2" then the below data is copied to row 2 and if they enter "110" then the data is copied to row 110. <START CODE:>...

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