variable length

  1. C

    SumProduct on a variable length using a mask

    I have been using this formula {which is working fine} SUMPRODUCT( N( MOD( COLUMN( $I37:AJ37)) -6, 7)= 0), $I37:AJ37) +F37 where the first part creates a mask for every 7 column, Middle part is numbers, text and blanks which only every 7th is needed, and the last part is a offset value. I...
  2. M

    Text String Variable Length

    I am having an issue extracting data from a column that I have. I need the city of the customer in a new column. The column that I already have is as so: <tbody> US315310 - SENSICAL SOLON OH <tbody> US318310 - DKM-AD ART BUFFALO NY </tbody> </tbody> US500190 - STANDARD RUBBER...
  3. B

    Extracting variable number of characters after defined number of characters & before defined text value

    I want to extract a product code from an image url. Typical image url: in which the product code is RB2132_710 RB2132_710 has ten characters including the _, other product codes are longer or shorter. However, each image url begins with 35...
  4. N

    summarize results over a large list of sets of assumptions

    hello everybody, (my first post, have mercy!) i've asked my students to create a simple pattern in excel: given a starting ammount of money (c), a rate of interest (i) and a certain number of years (n), they have to find the final ammount after compounding them year per year (it's a basic...
  5. L

    Splitting a variable length column into 4 colums

    Hi there, I need to separate a column of data that varies in its length, into 4 equal columns that would change accordingly. Let me give an example: If the data row in column A = 60 rows --> I would get 4 columns (B, C, D, E), each with 15 values. (B1:B15=A1:A15; C1:C15=A16:A30...
  6. C

    Converting different length rows into a single column

    I am a beginner user of VBA so I don't really know how to write a piece of code by myself... but I really need this in order to proceed with my research, which is not really related to computers; so if anyone could help me out with this I would save a lot of time. I have a table in excel in...
  7. F

    Extract Variable Length text from a string with varying staring points

    I am attempting to extract variable length data representing a notificaiton ID from a text string. The starting point of extract varies as well as the length of data to extract. In the cell A1 examples below, I want to: extract 1234Z3 from row1, extract 1234H3ZON from row 2, extract 1234F1...
  8. S

    Transpose rows with variable data into a single column

    Hi, I want to break down every row into multiple row where a part of it would be carried forward from the parent and the last column would be the transpose of the remaining part of the parent row. Here's an example. Table 1 (static column A, B. variable column: C, D, E, F...): <tbody> Column...
  9. B

    Dynamic Selection of Dynamic Ranges reporting sets of negative values

    I have a large range of automatically generated columns that report daily predicted inventory levels going off into the future about a year so that's 360+ columns of data. These numbers can be positive, negative, or 0. Given a user supplied integer "N" I need to find the StartDate of the Nth...
  10. E

    Extract strings of variable length

    Here's the information from two rows providing examples of the strings I'm working with: "Tue, 2010-02-23 01:22:18 - TCP packet - Source: - Destination: - [Attempt to access URl: Src 2481 Dst 80 from LAN] Tue, 2010-02-23 01:22:31 -...

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