variable number of rows

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    Code for find and replace with autosum (upwards)?

    Here's what I have (Ignore the x's, etc., they're just to show blank space): <C>xxxxxxx_123_XXXXX xxxxxxx_____XXXXX xxxxxxx_456_XXXXX xxxxxxx_789_XXXXX --------------------- 101112 Total 131415 </C> Is there a way to find and replace that word "Total" with something like autosum going...
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    Working with a variable Range

    My MACRO is used daily to copy data from several sheets resulting in a new sheet with a differing number of rows with every run. My problem is that I need to define this range of rows in order to do an AUTOFILL function. I know I can use a cell to hold the row count using COUNTA. However, I...
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    Filtering Problem in VBA

    Hello Everyone, I am new to this forum and I tried to find a similar thread, but couldn't find one addressing my issue exactly. I am using Excel 2003 and I have a worksheet that contains about 3000 rows and is updated daily. I filter the worksheet based on different criteria and save a...
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    How to make a function only apply to a variable number of rows containing data

    I'm writing a macro to apply some simple functions (copy, paste, sort, etc) to a sheet of data. My problem is that the number of rows in this sheet will vary for each occassion I want to apply the macro. Can someone please tell me how to instruct a function to first calculate the number of...

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