variable row

  1. R

    Loop variable unique values onto corresponding tab

    Hello everyone, I need to take a list of 5,500 rows which have an identifier in Column A and put all the rows associated with that identifier onto a new tab labeled with the identifier. My identifier is a "Plan Code" and each row contains asset data associated with that Plan. Some plans may...
  2. M

    Sum variable number of rows with formula

    I would like to be able to copy formula down to sum amounts in COL B based on how many text values in COL A. I have searched to no avail. Is this possible without VBA and without array (would prefer to avoid volatile functions if at all possible)? (Can't use these when uploaded to secondary...
  3. S

    email object to address in variable row

    hi all, I was hoping you could help me with the code for the following: (Sheet 1) I select B23 / 24 / 25.... etc macroassignedbutton_click to do the following: Find corresponding email address in O23 / 24 / 25.... Open embedded object (on Sheet 4) thanks.msg Paste email address into To: field...
  4. P

    VBA - Conditional Formatting with variable reference cell?

    Hello, I've searched everywhere and cannot find a solution to my situation. Many thanks in advance for any guidance. I have a macro that conditionally formats a column of variable row length to certain conditions based on the values found in an adjacent column, for which I used the following...
  5. B

    Copy a Row from one sheet to another using double click

    Hello! I´m having problem in creating a code to copy a row (values are variable) from one sheet to another sheet. I want only to move the rows within the interval 3 to 10. These cells are all in Column C. In the destination sheet the value should be inserted in the first blank row but that I...
  6. F

    match function with a variable starting row

    Hello, I would like to use the MATCH function on column A to find let's say the word "forum" but I would like the MATCH to start at the row given by cell B1 I was imagining something like =MATCH("forum",Sheet1!A&"B1":A65000,0) of course this doesn't work... Thanks for your help. F
  7. C

    Help needed in VBA, defining a variable range from excel

    Was wondering if someone could help me with defining a range from data in excel. I have a lot of data in excel that varies both by rows and columns. I need to define this array in VBA, but want it to change if more columns or rows are added e.g array may be from C6:k100 but then change to...

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