varying length

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    Extracting Number and Text with variable lengths in a string

    Extracting a series that has too many variables. Col A: <TBODY> Sender: </SPAN>SBS R-10034793-001000 Inconsistency between a document field and the prof. seg</SPAN> Sender: SBS P-ALTBBJ1 center N10/6024 is blocked against indirect post</SPAN> Sender: SBS C-00128 INS Too Cap - NIKON Laser...
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    Filling Formulas Down within Variable-Length Sub-Totals

    I have a variable-length data table that I format, sort, and sub-total with VB. I almost have this to completion, but I can't figure out the final VB steps and have been resorting to manual entry thus-far. Within each separate sub-total group I need to caculate a weighted average using each...

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