varying rows

  1. S

    VLookup for table with varying rows.

    I have this VLOOKUP for Table3, =IFERROR(VLOOKUP([@Concatenate],'COST TYPE SUMMARY'!$G$2:$H$35,2,FALSE),"0.00"). The rows will vary each month, so I need the formula to auto-populate the new cells when they are added. Is there a way to modify this formula to make that happen?
  2. C

    Variable Row/Consistent Column, Table update Question

    Hey All, First huge fan of the site, been ridiculously helpful thus far. I finally hit a problem I hadn't found a thread for, and decided to join the community. Second, the problem... Background: I have used various frankenstiened pieces of code/recorded Macros/ and coded a bit to make a...
  3. B

    PLEASE HELP!!! Loop through worksheets 2 - 26 and find blanks in columns 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 with varying rows

    Hi. I'm quite a newbie w/ Excel VBA and need your help. I've struggled with this for quite a while and can't seem to figure it out. I need a VBA code that runs through each row in columns 1 thru 6 and finds blank cells in columns 2 to 6 when there's a value for column 1 in the same row. I need...
  4. B

    Transpose Macro (Vertical to Horizontal) for a varying Number of rows to varying number of columns.

    Hi all, New this forum. I'm not a VB expert but did some work with VB years ago back in graduate school so I'm not too familiar anymore. I'm basically trying to take Column G, and transpose it accordingly. For example, STUDY #2 has 3 extra rows in Column G which I want to transpose to ROW K...
  5. E

    marco to copy formulas to rows

    Hey hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone could help please, I'm trying to write a macro which will copy formulas from one sheet and copy into rows into another sheet. Now here is where I'm having problems, I want to paste into a number of rows which have data in. But the number of rows can...
  6. F

    Conditional formatting depending on cell values

    Hey guys, seen as you were so efficient last time, was wondering if you might be able to help me once more. Taking this down to brass tacks as it were, I have a table with two date columns, and I want excel to highlight all the dates in the same row that are between these values. e.g So...
  7. cgeorge4

    MACRO PROBLEM: How to adjust a recorded pivot table to capture varying rows/Report Filter

    Using Excel 2007 - Windows 7 I need to adjust my recorded PT macro to capture all rows 1) Pivot Table should be on the same sheet as the Data 2) Data is in Column A thru P. 3) Data range has varying number of rows from month-to-month (300 to approx. 5000) 4) Pivot Table should be on column...
  8. X

    Macro Record with varying rows

    Hello All, I'm new to Macros and VBA but I need it to get things done. I'm using both Macros Record and the count feature to get the number of entries I have in my worksheet. The problem is that my rows are constantly changing, depending on the database I get my information from. Also, I want...
  9. M

    Insert formula from VBA into varying cells

    Team I am attempting to enter the following formula using a define named or function from vba in Column J on multiple worksheets. The formula is located in about 200 locations through the workbook. =IF(AND($C9="Red...
  10. L

    How to Format Excel Tables with Varying number of ROWS

    Hello! So I have to take data from multiple tables that all have a varying number of rows, but I want the copied and re-formatted table to all maintain the same layout. For example, here is an example of one of the raw data tables: Name of Refinery Title of Report...

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